The focus is on people

Astrology is a holistic method that focuses on the whole person. Human life and the human psyche are diverse. That is why astrology is a universal tool that can also be used when it comes to calculating convenient times for doing business, when people are simply curious and when a person is in a concrete life crisis and is looking for help.

Astrology – a useful tool

Astrology embodies no religion and no belief. It is a tool for life support so that people can understand themselves better. Astrology can offer concrete support in life crises. Astrology is valuable as an aid to life because there is usually more potential in people than they imagine. It is beneficial if someone who deals with astrology sees himself as a seeker who has by no means understood all the phenomena in the world.

In this respect, astrology can show new alternatives and perspectives. People still have to make decisions themselves – but astrology can show new ways that those affected have no idea how easy it is to walk. Paranormal skills or magic are not necessary for this, but only the willingness to learn persistently, to understand the relationships logically and to handle the knowledge tactfully. Because especially psychological astrology as a sensitive topic requires the acquisition of psychological and psychotherapeutic knowledge in order to be able to respond sensitively to people. Because incorrect handling can also cause damage. It is important for serious astrologers to understand everyone as a lovable, valuable creature, who can be helped with the help of astrology. Because astrology demonstrably works – as an aid to life development, as a life description and as a learning aid. These positive goals also constitute serious astrology, which is an instrument that can be really helpful.

Astrology gives people a holistic understanding of their own personality. It shows strengths and weaknesses as well as potential. It is very important that astrology is a lesson in time quality: In concrete terms, this means that different topics become topical in different phases of a person’s life.

The horoscope – a map of the soul

In principle, the horoscope depicts a symbolic map of the soul of the person, which shows which strengths and weaknesses each person has. But everyone has development potential, can work on themselves and thus bring their own strengths into balance. A lot of Mars energy can therefore mean that a person leads his life very energetically or is ruthless or falls victim to the Mars energy due to weak constitution.

For this reason, astrology is ideally suited as a character based on the horoscope. It also shows which energies are strong in which phases of life. However, the concrete implementation of this knowledge requires detailed knowledge, empathy and the ability to find the concrete analogy. In order to translate the symbolic language of the horoscope, it takes a lot of tact on the part of the astrologer to find the relevant points in the areas of human life.

Do the stars affect our lives?

It’s not that stars directly affect people’s lives. The sentence “The stars are inclined, but they do not force” suggests a wrong assumption. Rather, the starry sky is a reflection. It shows which energies are relevant in the cosmos and on earth. Astrology is also able to draw an accurate character study of a person using the stars. The sky is a means of reading whether the times are currently on a storm or whether it is a solid, stable phase. This wealth of astrology again and again proves that astrology works – for whatever reason.

The comparison between the weather itself and a barometer is often used: the barometer does not determine the weather, but it shows it. It is the same with the stars. Another example may also make this clear: the clock is an instrument for reading the time. But it doesn’t produce time. The clock indicates that you should go to work, but if you don’t, the clock continues to tick – whether you act or not. The weather map and the clock are a good comparison for a horoscope. The horoscope shows the quality of time and the factors that currently determine life. This means that a horoscope can be read, interpreted and used to understand the message. But whether this is done or not does not change the horoscope. It is up to the individual to record and implement the information.

Each person also has an inner voice that sometimes encourages, warns or motivates them, shows what needs to be done and which path to take. The horoscope often coincides with this inner voice, both are a compass that leads through life. The horoscope explains why the inner voice says certain things and classifies them into a large whole. Not being in balance with the personal map in the form of a horoscope or ignoring the inner voice is quite possible. However, the consequences must also be borne. These can be the form of frustration, dissatisfaction and a lack of balance in moods and life situations.

Let yourself be carried away by the fascination of astrology and go on a journey of discovery to the many facets of your personality.