The air element: twins, Libra and Aquarius

Curiosity, exhilaration and agility drive the air man, who likes to maintain his independence and is an outspoken free spirit. He has elasticity. In the broadest sense, the element air stands for the human mind, which likes to grasp theory. Science is at home here, but so is music. The air man loves relaxed human relationships, sociability and likes to show his keen mind. But it does not penetrate deeply; once he has grasped a principle, it drives him to the next object of interest. The air man is the man of the mind par excellence. The zodiac signs Gemini, Libra and Aquarius are included in the air signs. As such, you are talkative, sociable, sociable and creative. Your greatest strength is your flexibility: you are open to change, you see challenges as an opportunity, everything unknown has a great appeal for you. As an air sign, you are subject to constant change, you are constantly reinventing yourself. If someone gives new trends in wellness and health a chance, then you: You try everything, are also very open to (sometimes unorthodox) methods far away from conventional medicine such as homeopathy, acupuncture or Reiki. Your element is air. That is why all therapies that emphasize breathing particularly affect you. This includes breathing techniques as known from classic yoga, as well as autogenic training or special breathing therapy.

Air element – zodiac sign Gemini Twins are primarily curious according to the air element. They find it difficult to commit themselves to one thing because there are so many other interesting things after all. They like to communicate and differentiate. Thus, the twin-born are often the doubters who require clear evidence before they can be convinced. This shows two sides of the twin: on the one hand, he can get bogged down in superficial curiosity, on the other hand, he can also sort, weigh, question himself and mature in this way.

Element of air – zodiac sign LibraThe Libra belongs to the air signs, whereby it strives primarily for harmony, balance and justice. Their season is the autumn equinox. She loves the beautiful and the aesthetic, vibrates in higher spheres and therefore many artists are born to Libra. Since the scales always strive for balance, they sometimes find it difficult to make decisions. But even with the Libra-born, the keen mind sometimes makes itself felt and makes them sophisticated strategists. This can be for the good of or for the ruin of others.

Element air – Aquarius zodiac Aquarius like to have an overview. He looks at things from a higher perspective so that he can see and order them in their entirety. He loves his independence so much that he is one of the loners who form their own opinion of everything. Aquarius is a utopian, visionary, enlightener and develops new ideas. It is clear and cool, which also corresponds to the cold season of Aquarius. From an archetypal point of view, he is assigned the manner that shows the truth to others. Perverted, he can be a cold thinker who subordinates people to purpose. Opposite him in the cycle of the signs of the zodiac is the lion, which stands for reign. Aquarius overthrows the regent with new visions, as articulated in the French Revolution, for example, when the rising Aquarian age was slowly taking shape.