The earth element: Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn

Earth is solid, does not like to move and therefore stands for reliability, durability and stability. Patience, peacefulness, tradition and a sense of duty are inherent to the earth man, which can sometimes also be expressed in melancholy, stubbornness and tradition for the sake of tradition. The strength of the earth man is its weight. He is a man of action and for him it is not words and ideas that count, but the result. He is of uncanny consistency and does not like something, then he “sticks”, remains silent and dug in. The earth person stands firmly on the ground with both legs and is based on the facts. Are you a bull, a virgin or an ibex? Then you will be assigned to the earth signs. As such, you are down to earth, sensible, disciplined and very patient. Driven by your desire for success, you work almost to exhaustion. You only come to rest when everything is to your satisfaction – and this is rarely the case. Everything is thought through to the smallest detail, you appreciate it when a project goes according to plan and everything is within reach. You are particularly close to nature as an earth sign. Medicinal plants, herbs, minerals: everything that the earth produces strengthens you. Self-healing methods work better for you than for other zodiac signs. The digestive system is your weak point: stress hits your stomach quickly, and you are sensitive to foods that are too fatty. That is why naturopathic treatments that stimulate digestion and strengthen the intestinal flora are ideal for you.

Element earth – zodiac sign Taurus sensibility is one of the main characteristics of the bull. Enjoy nature, culinary delights and the care and maintenance of everything that grows is in its nature, because the time of the bull is spring. The bull primarily strives for safety. This manifests itself in the most concrete form in the pursuit of material possessions. The tradition is sacred to the bull and the tried and tested should be preserved. As an archetype, the peasant can be assigned to him, who diligently cultivates his field so that it produces plenty of fruit. Stubbornness and insatiability can be dark sides if the zodiac sign shows itself in a perverted form.

Element Earth – Virgo zodiac The Virgo zodiac also embodies the Earth principle. The virgin judges according to the criterion of usefulness and makes sure that the details are correct. Practicality, empiricism and scientific thinking are at home here. The virgin does not like the chaos of the fish opposite her, but tries to organize and put things in order. From a seasonal perspective, the zodiac sign coincides with the time when the harvest is brought in. To get the best benefit, this must be carefully organized and planned, with the virgin separating the chaff from the wheat. She sees primarily what needs to be done in practice and leaves the gloss role to others like the lion.

Element Earth – Capricorn zodiac sign The first thing that counts for the Capricorn is the deed and the result. Consequence and rigor are often characteristics of Capricorn-born. Capricorn have no trouble with rules, laws and norms; he can find his way around in clear structures. Carrying responsibility, ensuring order and security are his concerns. The dark side is the grim paragraph rider, who is not open to new things and wants to keep the situation as it is at all costs.