The fire element: Aries, Leo and Sagittarius
The fire is stormy, it is the power that drives, that wants to go up, the generating power and the impulse per se. Firemen are accordingly optimistic, confident of themselves and life-affirming. They sweep others away and spread a spirit of optimism. On the one hand, the fire provides the warmth (sun) that is necessary for all life, but on the other hand it can also scorch, devastate and devour. The dark side in humans is accordingly the all-taking egoist. Arrogance can also be a hallmark and a fire man may not allow criticism of himself. If your zodiac sign is Aries, Leo or Sagittarius, you are one of the fire signs. As such, you are active, dynamic, spirited and passionate. A small spark is often enough and you catch fire. With so much power, you have to be careful not to overshoot your goal in the euphoria. Fire signs are doers. You don’t watch for long, but take action yourself. You are quite impatient and tend to be choleric. That is why you need a valve that will help you steer your dynamism in the right direction and divert excess energy – and best of all quickly, because you love that certain kick. Many rams are enthusiastic boxers or motorsport enthusiasts. If you like it a little gentler, you can dance – of course Latin American, of course. Heat applications such as saunas, extensive sunbathing and soothing bubble baths bring the necessary relaxation, which should not be neglected with a busy fire sign.

Fire element – Aries zodiac sign The ram embodies the fire element at its purest. The ram is impetuous and stands at the beginning of the course of the twelve zodiac signs, while the profound fish are at the end. In the spring, the ram is located in nature when life sprouts again. His gaze is on the future, the future. He is full of confidence and sometimes ruthless. Even after defeats, he always gets up again and thus symbolizes the impulse of the renewed renewal of strength.

Element fire – zodiac sign Leo As the sun is the center of our galaxy, the lion, the second sign of fire, is the popular center in its environment. The lion is characterized by optimism, generosity, talent for reign and limitless trust in one’s own abilities. Downsides are the boastful or the megalomaniac who overestimates himself. In a positive form, the lion is someone who generously gives everyone his own shine and thus positively embodies the fire element.

Fire element – Sagittarius zodiac sign “In the Sagittarius sign, fire forms the groundbreaking light,” noted the late Hajo Banzhaf on this zodiac sign. It is the sign that light uses it to find meaning. Travel, intensive preoccupation with religion, engagement with other cultures: the Sagittarius gathers all of these to show the way to himself and others. He is the archetypal high priest who manages and passes on knowledge. His basic attitude is optimistic and life-affirming, while the dark side is the hypocritical charlatan or the eternal know-it-all.