The water element: Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces
Water is always moving, pushing down to the bottom and then up again. Sensitivity, creativity, empathy, the soul powers, healing powers and true love: water people feel the deepest and are accordingly often artists, as a dark side also fantastic people. They are capable of complete devotion, but they also make them vulnerable. It is also the property of water that it is extremely consistent. It always paves its way in some way and achieves its goal through perseverance (“Constant drip hollows the stone”). The water person is thus the emotional person who looks deeply and feels deeply. If your zodiac sign is cancer, scorpio or fish, you belong to the watermark. As such, you are emotional, sensitive, intuitive and helpful. They are profound, need time to dream and think a lot – about themselves and the meaning of life. Talk to therapies that help you to reach your subconscious mind: such as all meditation techniques, hypnosis and neurolinguistic programming. Your element is water. For this reason, all therapies that have to do with it can have their full effect on you. You get as much strength from Kneipp and thalasso cures as from so-called hydrotherapy. As a watermark, you tend to be phlegmatic. As active as your mind is, it is often difficult for you to physically pull yourself together. Light therapy or progressive muscle relaxation gives the necessary incentive and at the same time brings more ease into your life.

Element water – zodiac sign Cancer The emotional cancer typically has pronounced social gifts, can deeply sympathize with outcasts of society, with children, the sick or the elderly and cares for them with sacrifice. Crabs are therefore often found in social professions. Cancer has a protective and loving care for those entrusted to it like a mother. On the other hand, there is also the possibility that he is making the persons under protection into his addicts in order to protect his sensitive soul himself. Sometimes he prefers to retreat to a fantastic dream world so as not to have to face the bare facts, just as the cancer in animal life retreats into its protective cave.

Element water – zodiac sign Scorpio The scorpion tries to protect itself, but in a different way. Suggestive and manipulative, he is able to bind others closely to himself. But he can also be the healer because he always tries to get to the bottom of the secrets. His element is mysticism, hidden and forbidden. The scorpion always tries to fathom. Depending on the form, this can have negative or positive effects on the environment. Abuse or healing use of the strong soul forces are decisive for the role of the scorpion in its environment.

Element of water – zodiac sign Pisces Media predisposition, willingness to sacrifice, comprehensive love and a deep longing characterize the fish. They are hardly resident on Earth anymore, but vibrate in other spheres. The fish conclude the cycle of the signs of the zodiac and stand in a positive form for the mature soul, which has almost stripped the earthly or has a healthy spiritual distance from it. Negatively, they stand for chaos, flight from the world, drug addiction and illusion.