The astrological house system forms an important symbolic construct of the horoscope. In this article, we’re going to tell you what the meaning of the 12 houses is and what the different planets in the 12 houses say about your personality.

Function and meaning of the astrological house system

The houses correspond to the signs of the zodiac. In contrast to the zodiac signs, the houses are fixed and can be of different sizes.

There is no uniform doctrine regarding the exact division of the houses.

The method long attributed to the Italian monk and mathematician Placidus de Titis (1603-1668) is the most common, but has older roots. It has been popular since the Renaissance.

Because of the earth’s rotation, the sun, viewed from the earth, passes through this room of the twelve houses once a day, starting from the ascendant (top of the first house) to the left.

The ascendant corresponds to the zodiac sign, which rises in the eastern sky at the place of birth at a certain time of birth. If a person is born at sunrise, the sun and ascendant signs are the same.

The house system reflects a simple fact

he course of the sun from east to west and from top to bottom (noon and midnight).

The connection from east to west and from top to bottom forms a cross. The quarters of this cross are divided into three groups of zodiac signs and thus form the twelve houses.

The Imum coeli, the Descendant and the Medium coeli are further key points in the division of houses. The Imum coeli denotes the depth of the sky and thus the lowest position that a planet can take in the horoscope.

When the sun is in the IC, people are born at midnight. The descendant, in turn, is the opponent of the ascendant and symbolizes the zodiac sign that goes down in the west at the corresponding time of birth.

The medium coeli (MC) marks the middle of the sky. The medium coeli (MC) corresponds to the highest level that the sun (or any other planet in the horoscope) can reach during the day. So if a person is born around noon, his sun is close to the medium coeli (MC).

Furthermore, the houses or fields are divided into corner, middle and end fields. The planets develop their strongest positive influence in the corner fields, the influence is weakened in the middle fields and it is lowest in the end fields.

The houses, which are divided into four squares by the meridian and the east-west straight line, are interpreted according to the field or house tables.

The ascendant determines the top of the first house and the depth of heaven (Imum coeli) that of the fourth house. The descendant in turn determines the top of the 7th house. The top of the 10th house coincides with the center of the sky (medium coeli).

The twelve houses thus form the interface between one person and the environment. If there are several planets in one house, then the corresponding person will gain a lot of experience and impressions in this area of ​​life and experience.

If there are no planets in a house, this does not automatically mean that this house or. this area of ​​life does not exist! It only means that this house resp. this area of ​​life is not as important as the houses where the planets are.