Eleventh house

The eleventh house is about spiritual ideals as well as the realization of one’s own individual wishes. We have in mind a world in which everyone can be themselves and yet still form a community of people on the same level.

The Eleventh House: Friends

People with planets in the eleventh house look for a group of friends or like-minded people who share their ideals and ideas. Often such a hobby gets an important role in the lives of these people, and it is their wish to make the hobby their profession.

Teamwork is also to be found in the eleventh house. This is a prerequisite for people with an eleventh house emphasis to work in a community.

They prefer to work independently or freelance. The equivalent of protection should not be underestimated either: with planets in the eleventh house, we always manage to meet the right people at the right time and receive support from outside that helps us to move forward.