First House

Each house has its own meaning and stands for a certain area of ​​life. In this arctile you will learn the meaning of the 1st house and what the planets in the 1st house say about your personality.

The First House – personality and attitude

The first house in astrology represents personality and attitude to life. The ego, the basic disposition of character, the willpower, purposefulness and ambition, the external form in the form of the appearance, the body and the physicality are connected.

But the first house also symbolizes one’s own nature, customs, behavior, personal appearance to the outside, the visual appearance, vitality, agility, condition and constitution.

The ascendant forms the top of the first house, whereby it is decisive how a person shows himself to the outside world and what others initially perceive about him.

The Aries is the zodiac sign of the first house. The Aries is known to be adventurous, dynamic and life affirming: it is a sign of spring and stands for departure.

Positioning and acting actively – Characteristics of the First House

Therefore, the first house also stands for positioning and acting actively and acting in life instead of reacting. The spontaneous contact with fellow human beings is a symbol of this, as is the request from the environment to become active.

Since the ascendant forms the top of the first house, this symbolizes through its planetary constellation how a person shows himself to the environment and how he is perceived spontaneously.

The ascendant comes into play especially when it concerns an unknown, new situation in which there is still no repertoire of behavior based on experience.

The planets in the first house are also very influential in the entire horoscope. It is therefore also said that the ascendant and the first house represent the mask of the human being outwardly.

Character traits that correlate with the first house are therefore courage, self-confidence, strength, self-initiative, energy and showing one’s own abilities and their use.

Depending on the constellation in the house, these external characteristics are different. Of course, everyone wants to make a good impression externally and show that they have decisive skills.