Fourth house

The fourth house begins with the Imum coeli, the lowest point in the horoscope. It corresponds to our innermost feelings and the early childhood impressions that come from our parents’ house.

The emotional climate of the Forth House

The emotional climate that surrounded us in our childhood and the emotional patterns that usually unconsciously recur in us, originate from the fourth house.

We can also see from this where and how a person feels rooted, what “food” must be available for his or her mental well-being. In concrete terms, this can mean, for example, what a person’s home must look like so that he feels comfortable and can recharge his batteries.

Jobs of People with Planets in the Fourth House

People with planets in the fourth house like to deal with psychology, with family and children’s issues and, in general, with people (for example, personnel) and their needs. They have a very caring side.