The Second House

The second house describes our self-esteem and our need for security. In concrete terms, the sign and planets in the second house can be used to deduce what is important and valuable to a person and what should be taken away least of all, because it would make him feel deeply insecure.

Material and Spiritual Values in the Second House

These can be both material and spiritual values (and even other people). Consequently, it is also about the things one wants to possess. Last but not least, the second house also describes one’s own substance, i.e. one’s own abilities, resources and body, as well as a person’s ability to set oneself apart and to mark out and protect one’s personal space.

Jobs of People of the Second House

People with planets in the second house work, for example, with material values such as land or real estate, with finances, or they are active in the field of energy or economics.