Chiron is a so-called planetoid – a planet-like body – which was only discovered in 1977.

Its orbit around the sun runs between the planets Saturn and Uranus.

Since astrologers do not have much experience with the principle of Chiron and its energy only gradually enters people’s consciousness, it is still far from being included in all horoscope interpretations.

Chiron symbolises both an injury within us and the ability to heal.

He brings us into contact with pain, makes us recognize the dark, ugly parts in us and in the world, and at the same time promotes acceptance of these dark sides.

Thus he becomes a mediator between the world of light and the world of shadow.

People with a strong Chiron know his basic pain and often have a need and the ability to heal.

On the body level Chiron corresponds to all chronic as well as congenital diseases and deformities.

He is assigned to the Virgo or Sagittarius sign and correspondingly to the sixth or ninth house.