Lilith is not a celestial body, but a point: The moon moves in an elliptical orbit around the earth.

In one focal point of this ellipse is the earth, in the other Lilith.

Lilith symbolizes a principle which must first be slowly integrated into the consciousness of mankind, and so Lilith – like Chiron – is still given little consideration in the horoscope.

It corresponds to the female primal energy, and a typical characteristic of Lilith processes is a cyclical course.

Lilith is the female deity with the power and ability to create and then separate from the created (example: procreation, pregnancy [reception], birth [separation]).

If she cannot separate, Lilith leads to paralysis and death.

People with a strong Lilith know what they want and are also willing to break taboos – or they meet her in the form of women with these qualities.

Lilith corresponds to the physical union, procreation and fertilization, and all cyclical processes such as menstruation.