Mars symbolizes the fighter in us. Impulsiveness, assertiveness, the urge for action and activity, courage, struggle, aggressiveness, and drive are characteristics which Mars is known for.

From his position in the horoscope we can deduce how a person works (is active), how he asserts his will, and how he defends himself when he feels attacked.

With a strong Mars, a person shows a lot of initiative, is active, combative, and decisive, needs a lot of exercise, and loves competition and competitive situations of all kinds.

The energy of Mars resembles the sword with which some people strike wildly, while others know how to fence skilfully with it and which others only pull to defend themselves.

On the body level, the Martian principle corresponds to the head (especially the forehead) as well as our defense system and blood.

Also inflammations of all kinds and accidents (especially stab, cut, and burn injuries) belong to this area.

Mars corresponds to the ram sign and the first house.