Mercury symbolizes the mind. Thinking, talking, listening, reading, and writing are memory qualities.

The position of Mercury says something about our willingness to learn and the ability to recognize, analyze, and name things.

Mental and physical agility, but also a practical disposition and business acumen are attributed to it.

A person with well-developed Mercury qualities is smart, interested in everything, always ready to learn something new, and to lend a hand everywhere.

Know-it-all and talkativeness are the downsides of Mercury.

A person with a strong Mercury in his horoscope is curious and strives to be constantly up to date.

Exchange with other people is important to him, and his circle of acquaintances should be correspondingly large.

Mercury is often on the move.

On the physical level, Mercury corresponds to the exchange organs (lungs, bronchi, respiratory tract), as well as the arms and hands.

Mercury corresponds to the twin and virgin signs and the third and sixth houses.