Neptune is a symbol for a higher form of love, which we can call all-love or charity.

It helps us to put our own interests aside and to realize that we are part of the cosmos.

Neptune also embodies the longing for a paradisiacal state without limits and without suffering.

Everything that seems inexplicable, fantastic, as if from another world, comes from his realm.

Neptune people have…

…thin skin and perceive invisible vibrations. They find it difficult to separate themselves from others, and they are very sensitive, imaginative, sensitive, full of compassion, and helpfulness.

The dark side of Neptune manifests itself in escapism, addiction, deception, and disappointment as well as intrigue.

On the physical level Neptune corresponds to feet, dizziness, and weakness as well as all mysterious and creeping illnesses for which often no cause can be found.

Neptune belongs to the fish sign and the twelfth house.