Lunar Nodes

In addition to the planetary symbols, the horoscope also contains the sign of the Moon Node.

To be precise, this is the ascending or northern lunar node.

The descending or southern Moon node is exactly opposite it and is usually not drawn in.

Astronomically, the Moon’s node axis is the point of intersection between the Sun’s and the Moon’s orbit.

Astrologically, much weight is given to the Moon’s nodal axis, especially in the karmic interpretation of horoscopes, because it describes our life’s work and can show us the path that is intended for us.

The descending lunar node symbolises our origin and what we bring with us into our new life at birth.

Especially as children, we strongly express the sign and house of the descending Moon knot, and we have a strong tendency to hold on to these familiar and familiar behaviors, just as we find it difficult to throw away an old, comfortable but worn-out pair of shoes.

Although the principles of our descending Moon knot seem so reliable to us, we often behave compulsively and inappropriately in this area.

This is especially pronounced when one or more planets are also at the descending lunar node.

The ascending Moon knot corresponds to our life’s work, i.e. the energies and qualities we have to develop.

Logically, it is always the opposite sign and house to the descending lunar node.

The principles, which are embodied by the ascending moon node, seem to us at first a little bit strange and not very desirable.

However, if we dare to take the step in this direction, we usually make very good experiences with it, which encourages us to develop and to express it more often.

If we succeed in doing this, we can transform our experience, which is connected with the descending lunar node, and draw fully from it.