Pluto makes us aware that everything is transitory and in constant change.

As a symbol for procreation, birth, death, and rebirth, it symbolizes the eternal cycle of becoming, being, and passing away.

All transitional states, whether we transform ourselves internally or externally, belong to the Pluto principle.

Pluto rules over all taboos like sexuality, death, power, and crises.

People with a strong Pluto…

…in their horoscope often come into contact with the topic of power/powerlessness and undergo constant changes in their lives.

At the same time they have access to great power and regenerative ability, which sometimes allows them to achieve superhuman things.

Their intense, mysterious, and penetrating charisma usually leaves no one cold.

The dark side of Pluto manifests itself in greed for power, fanaticism, violence, and destruction.

On the body level it corresponds to the excretory organs (rectum, anus) and the genitals as well as fatal diseases such as cancer or AIDS.

Pluto corresponds to the Scorpio sign and the eighth house.