Saturn is a symbol for the energy that keeps us grounded in reality.

It forces us to be disciplined, to have clarity and concentration, and makes us aware of our weaknesses.

Being able to take measures and say no – in other words, to set ourselves apart – is also part of Saturn’s principle.

In doing so, Saturn often demands hard work and restriction from us, but in return he gives us structure and security and helps us to grow up and take responsibility for ourselves.

With a stron Saturn…

…a person is loyal to himself and others, pursues his goals with perseverance, radiates security and reliability, and strives for responsibility and a higher social standing.

Exaggerated harshness both towards oneself and others, stinginess, fear, and loneliness are among the dark sides of Saturn.

On the body level he corresponds to the bones, especially the backbone, the knee joints, and the teeth.

Stone formations and ossifications of all kinds also belong to his energy.

Saturn corresponds to the Capricorn sign and the tenth house.