The energy of Uranus strives for change. Surprises of all kinds, sudden turns and unexpected events are part of the Uranus principle, as well as all innovations, revolutionary ideas, mental insights, the grasping of connections and intuition on the thought level.

People with a strong Uranus…

…in their horoscope are individualists, who distinguish themselves through originality, inventiveness, and openness to the new and different.

A strong urge for independence and freedom are among their outstanding qualities, as is their urge to change things.

The dark sides of Uranus are intolerance, rebellion, unpredictability, and a tendency not to get involved with anything.

On the physical level, Uranus corresponds to nerves, lower legs, cramps of all kinds (calf cramps in particular), and accidents.

Uranus corresponds to the sign of Aquarius and the eleventh house.