Venus meets our need for love, complementation, relationship, and partnership.

It is also the epitome of harmony, pleasure, sensuality and beautification.

The urge to mark out one’s own territory or to secure oneself materially is also Venus’ temper.

One’s own self-esteem can be read from the position of Venus in the horoscope.

With a strong Venus, a person is in great need of harmony, gets along well with others, and knows how to enjoy life.

He or She enjoys beautiful things, has an eye for shapes and colors and a creative streak.

In addition, he has the ability to recognize the value of things and to handle resources with care.

Over-adaptation, vanity or greed are the dark sides of the Venus.

On the physical level, Venus symbolizes all glands, the neck, tonsils, bladder, skin, and the female sexual organs.

Venus belongs to the sign of Taurus and Libra and to the second and seventh houses.