Cardinal Signs

Among the cardinal signs (also called main signs) are

Aries | Cancer | Libra | Capricorn

The cardinal signs are directed towards activity, they want to do something and are happy to give the first impulse. They often have a special power of assertion, are dynamic and usually achieve their self-imposed, often high, goals.

They benefit from the fact that they are realistic and can assess very well how successful an undertaking will be. They are generally regarded as independent and feel rather disturbed by other approaches and do not like it if someone tells them what to do next.

Of course, every sign of the zodiac proceeds differently. Aries, for example, are known for their particularly strong willpower and their tendency to “go through the wall with their head”, whereas Cancer act more cautiously and pay more attention to the feelings of their fellow humans.

Libra places value on mutual respect and finally, ibexes, even more than the other three signs, have an eye on the current situation and their environment and act with consideration.