Fixed Characters / Signs

Fixed characters (also called fixed signs) include

Taurus| Leo | Scorpio | Aquarius

The fixed signs express themselves in character through perseverance and, as the name suggests, a firm will. They are remarkably persistent in their intentions and keep their sights firmly set on their goals, even over long periods of time. In doing so, they often stick to their once chosen approach and are rather reluctant to a spontaneous change of direction.

Of course, there are also individual characteristics for each sign of the zodiac: Thus Taurus are extremely practically minded and mainly become active when they hope for an increase in material goods and a preservation of tradition.

Among the fixed signs, lions are the most strong-willed and seek recognition and fame, scorpions impress with a rather quiet but effective assertiveness and put their self-realization in the foreground and the actions of the mermen are based on their special idealism.