The moving signs
Moving signs include: Gemini | Virgo | Sagittarius | Pisces

As the main motivation for their actions, the moving signs have the achievement of their inner peace. They like to go their own ways, but are also easily influenced by other people or circumstances. In contrast to the cardinal signs and the fixed signs, which insist more strongly on their way, the moving signs are open to new impulses and can deal very well with changes and new circumstances. This means that they sometimes take innovative and unconventional paths. Of course, they then also sometimes run the risk of taking the wrong advice. Twins achieve their inner peace mainly through knowledge enrichment and move very much on the spiritual level, while virgins approach their tasks in a more structured and sober way, yet remain open to new things. Sagittarians have a great sense of justice and are probably the most spirited of the fixed signs. They are particularly flexible in responding to new circumstances. The fish find their inner peace in the cooperation. They are particularly sensitive to change and are sometimes overwhelmed by their emotions.

Male and female signs
The twelve signs of the zodiac are also divided into two different force fields. Into male (electric) and female (magnetic) fields, whereby the earth and water signs are female, and the fire and air signs are male. They give us more information about how the individual signs of the zodiac come into action and act.

The female signs

Female signs are generally a little more hesitant and thoughtful than male signs and place more emphasis on living in harmony with other people, ways and ideas. So they act more tolerant and open. Their movement goes from outside to inside (magnetic).

The male signs

They usually act more actively and faster than the female characters. They experience confrontations more often and hold on to their intentions more strongly than female signs, even if there may be justified resistance. Their actions are more outward (electrical).