Zodiac signs

What is the meaning of the 12 signs of the zodiac and what characteristics are attributed to them?

In our free zodiac sign descriptions you will learn everything about the typical characteristics, the character and the behaviour of the zodiac signs.

What sign of the zodiac am I? What are the stars like today?

Would you like to know how the stars stood at your birth or what kind of zodiac sign is today? With our free astro-calculator you can calculate your zodiac sign as well as a very precise horoscope for any given day. In addition to the zodiac sign you can calculate the following horoscope factors:

Zodiac sign, Moon sign, Ascendant and Descendant as well as the planetary positions of Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, Chiron and Lilith in the signs and houses; Moon node in sign and house; Medium Coeli and Imum Coeli.

Do you have a birthday on the 19/20/21/22/23/24 of a month?

If someone is born in a certain zodiac sign, this means that the sun was in this zodiac sign at the time of birth, whereby the sun symbolically passes through the zodiac with the twelve zodiac signs every year. According to exact calculations, the Sun takes 365 days, 5 hours, 48 minutes and 46 seconds to orbit the zodiac.

The valid calendar has 365 days. In order to balance the remaining 5 hours, 48 minutes and 46 seconds, an additional leap day is inserted every four years in February. This has the consequence that the sun is not exactly in the same place on the same date at the same time in different years.

Regardless of this shift caused by the leap years, the Sun’s transition from one sign to the other does not fall on the 20th or 21st in every month because the months are of different lengths. For example, the vernal equinox is on 21 March and the autumnal equinox on 23 September.

So if you have a birthday on the 19th/20th/21st/22nd/23rd/24th of a month, you should check exactly which sign of the zodiac the Sun is in your own horoscope. Because the zodiac sign changes in the middle of the day and at a different hour every year, the date of transition from one zodiac sign to another can also change.

Fascination starry sky and zodiac signs

Then as now, the starry sky exerts a great attraction on people. It was discovered early on that the stars in the sky follow a certain course. For thousands of years the processes in the firmament have been observed and carefully recorded. This astronomical-astrological interest can be traced historically since Babylonian times.

Since the sun and moon play an important role in the course of the year and determine, for example, the harvest, the two stars have been of special interest – also in ritual rites. Important fixed points in the yearly cycle of the sun were and are therefore the equinox (beginning of spring and autumn) as well as the sun’s highest and lowest points (beginning of summer and winter) as orientation aids.

Historical development of the signs of the zodiac

The first comprehensive records of astrological knowledge come from Babylonia, although the study of astrology is older. Already the Babylonians noticed that the sun moves against the background of the starry sky in the course of the year (according to the state of knowledge at that time, because the earth actually rotates around the sun).

This annual movement of the sun was divided into twelve sections, the twelve signs of the zodiac. In 125 BC, Hipparchus, a well-known Hellenistic astronomer, defined the vernal equinox as 0° Aries. At that time the constellation of Aries coincided with 0° Aries on the zodiac. Today this point has shifted due to the change of direction of the earth’s axis. The vernal equinox is now located between the constellations Pisces and Aquarius. This is why there is also talk of the transition from the Age of Pisces to the Age of Aquarius, a circumstance that inspired the New Age movement in particular. The term Aries Point has been retained, however. Due to the change in direction of the earth’s axis, the other constellations also shifted from the areas that had given them their original names.

The real constellations are constellations of fixed asterisms of unequal length, all of which are located near the sun’s orbit. This circumstance – the lack of congruence between astronomical and astrological constellations or signs of the zodiac – is sometimes cited as evidence against astrology, but is of no relevance because astrological constellations are symbolic constructs that represent energy patterns.

Over the centuries, the interpretation of the signs of the zodiac has developed through the observation of the seasons. It can certainly be argued that in the country of origin of the zodiac (zodiac), in Babylonia, different climatic conditions prevailed. This is correct, but the assignment of the signs of the zodiac at that time did not yet correspond to our current understanding. This only developed later in the Hellenistic Mediterranean region and is therefore analogous to our sequence of seasons.

However, in the last decades our seasons have also left the natural sequence, so that one or the other zodiac sign characteristic may no longer correspond to it: The transition of the seasons is no longer fluid but abrupt and the calendar beginning of spring no longer coincides with the real one.

What is the zodiac?

The zodiac is the outer circle of the horoscope image and corresponds to the path the Sun travels from the Earth’s perspective within a year. It is a hypothetical circle around the earth, divided into twelve 30° degree sections. The zodiac is ultimately nothing more than a solar orbit divided into twelve stations. The circle begins on 21 March, the first equinox or the beginning of spring.

These twelve pieces of the circle are marked with images, namely the signs of the zodiac: Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces. The twelve signs of the zodiac describe different variants of human behaviour or twelve basic character types, whereby humans are usually mixtures with special emphasis. Such a focus is indicated in the horoscope by a cluster of planets in a particular sign.

But what is the Ascendant? Since the zodiac is an imaginary circle around the earth, and the earth rotates once around itself in 24 hours, every two hours a different sign of the zodiac ascends on the horizon in the east. This sign of the zodiac is the Ascendant and, according to the birth horoscope, describes the outward behaviour of a person.

The Zodiac and its symbolic division

The astrological zodiac is thus a symbolic division of the ecliptic into twelve 30° degree sections. It has nothing to do with the fixed constellations of the same name. The ecliptic is the apparent orbit of the sun, which describes the movement of the sun around the earth in the course of a year.

The beginning of the astrological year is the moment of the vernal equinox (around 20/21 March), also known as the Aries or vernal equinox. From there the sun, seen from the earth, moves through the zodiac from Aries to Fish. This orbit of the sun or the earth is the basis of our calendar. That is why almost every person knows his or her zodiac sign.

Zodiac signs and seasons

The zodiac symbolically completes the course of the sun, with the signs of the zodiac being related to the seasons. This is obvious on closer inspection:

♈ Zodiac sign of Aries (03/21. – 04/20.)

The zodiac sign of Aries stands at the beginning of the astrological year, whereby its proverbial energy correlates with the springlike awakening of nature. As the first sign in the zodiac the planet Mars is assigned to Aries. The dynamics of Aries corresponds with the Christian Easter and the symbolism of resurrection.

In keeping with the dawn of spring, Aries-born children are characterized by initiative, activity and dynamism. They are people of will who can assert themselves, which can sometimes degenerate into ruthlessness. Aries people are fighters and like to measure their strength. Sport, competition and rivalry, that is their world, whereby the rules of the game are usually fair. Willingness to take risks and pioneering spirit are further characteristics. Because the new fascinates Aries immensely.

Unfortunately, the necessary stamina is often lacking and diplomacy is not an area in which Aries excels. Due to their special character, however, Aries people are often good leaders and are able to work independently. In addition, they are skilled craftsmen and have a good hand for mechanical tools.

Aries-born are the prototype of the combative human being with a strong will, a tendency to rule, to be right-wing and a strong need for recognition. Their appearance is energetic, sometimes aggressive and ruthless, their way of thinking is profoundly analytical, but also obstinate and insidious. Impulsive, active action combined with impatience and inflexibility are characteristics of Aries people.

From when to when are you Aries?

If you were born between 21 March and 20 April and celebrate your birthday on one of these days, you belong to the zodiac sign of Aries:

March: 21.03. 22.03. 23.03. 24.03. 25.03. 26.03. 27.03. 28.03. 29.03. 30.03. 31.03.

April: 01.04. 02.04. 03.04. 04.04. 05.04. 06.04. 07.04. 08.04. 09.04. 10.04. 11.04. 12.04. 13.04. 14.04. 15.04. 16.04. 17.04. 18.04. 19.04. 20.04.

♉ Sign of the zodiac Taurus (21.04. – 20.05.)

Taurus is born in the sunny and flowering month of May, when lush greenery unfolds in nature. May has always been a reason for the joy of life for the people. Accordingly, customs such as the “Dance into May” or the preference to marry in May have been preserved. All these are reasons that predestine the bull for natural enjoyment and love of nature. Bulls like it green and flowering around them. Once they have reached their destination, they tend to enjoy life to the fullest. Their planet is Venus.

But bull people are very sober and always have the facts in mind. They are practical, factual and know the value of things. At the same time they are very sensual and physical. Of course, Taurus appreciate good food, physical love and everything that is pleasurable and fine. Due to the seasonal correlation bulls have a special affinity to plants and love flowers.

They also have a tendency to collect and multiply aesthetic and precious things. This also applies to their good handling of money. Greed and avarice can be the result in negative manifestations. In unfavourable conditions, bulls are plagued by the fear of loss. This can affect people or things.

The bull is primarily a person who loves nature, is very much guided by his instincts and can develop a tendency to materialism and defiance. He is natural and reserved in his appearance, but can also be too careless and stiff. Dominant is the practical, concentrated and intuitive reference, which makes an economical and striving being. Sometimes rigidity and stubbornness can develop, as well as inertia and listlessness.

From when to when are you a Taurus?

If you were born between 21 April and 20 May and celebrate your birthday on one of these days, you belong to the zodiac sign of Taurus:

April: 21.04. 22.04. 23.04. 24.04. 25.04. 26.04. 27.04. 28.04. 29.04. 30.04.

May: 01.05. 02.05. 03.05. 04.05. 05.05. 06.05. 07.05. 08.05. 09.05. 10.05. 11.05. 12.05. 13.05. 14.05. 15.05. 16.05. 17.05. 18.05. 19.05. 20.05.

♊ Zodiac sign twins (21.05. – 21.06.)

June is the period when nature shows itself in all its diversity and fine differentiation. It is also the time when people are infected with so much blossoming life. Sun and nature encourage exchange, communication and activities, one celebration follows the other, excursions and activities dominate the leisure activities.

The zodiac sign Gemini symbolises this “energy”, it stands for communication, a hunger for adventure, variety and the will to gain new impressions. Therefore the twin is a contemporary human being who is extremely alive. Typical twins are therefore very active, can be found everywhere, and their high degree of flexibility and adaptability ensures that they can get along anywhere.

It goes without saying that twins are accordingly sociable and open-minded. They are suitable as conversation and entertainment partners and have a large circle of acquaintances. They also want to be informed about everything. A quick perception and a good mind enable them to do this. However, the twins find it difficult to make up their minds.

The choice of profession also reveals a lot: Twins are often to be found at telephone exchanges or at the post office, as journalists, but also as traders, agents and salespeople. However, there is always a certain superficiality, because the depth is not up to the twins. Although they are intelligent, their thought processes are sometimes erratic, and diplomatic and skilful behaviour can become pompous. The zodiac sign Gemini is influenced by the planet Mercury.

From when to when are you Gemini?

If you were born between 21 May and 21 June and celebrate your birthday on one of these days, you belong to the zodiac sign Gemini:

May: 21.05. 22.05. 23.05. 24.05. 25.05. 26.05. 27.05. 28.05. 29.05. 30.05. 31.05.

June: 01.06. 02.06. 03.06. 04.06. 05.06. 06.06. 07.06. 08.06. 09.06. 10.06. 11.06. 12.06. 13.06. 14.06. 15.06. 16.06. 17.06. 18.06. 19.06. 20.06. 21.06.

♋ Sign of the Zodiac Cancer (22.06. – 23.07.)

July is the preferred month for holidays. This is due to the fact that – at least in earlier decades – the heat was clearly felt, which in turn meant that anyone who was able to do so would head south, to the swimming pool or at least to a shady spot. Nature, in turn, does not sleep. It is precisely at this time that many animals are born and reproduction dominates the natural processes. No wonder that Cancer-born babies are considered dreamy romantics and downright emotional people.

In fact, Cancer babies are very emotional. Since external factors such as moods have a great influence on them, their emotional life is also unbalanced, which can lead to them being considered moody. But they can rely on their feelings. According to their zodiac sign, many crabs have indeed “built close to the water”, they are emotional and sensitive. As a counterbalance, they have a rich imagination and a pictorial capacity for thought.

By emphasizing their feelings, crayfish are also creatively gifted and can express their emotions artistically. Last but not least, crayfish are very compassionate. They are caring for children, people and animals who need their help. In appearance they are often reserved, dreamy and enthusiastic-imaginative. Crayfish are influenced by the moon and Jupiter.

From when to when are you cancer?

If you were born between June 22 and July 22 and celebrate your birthday on one of these days, you belong to the zodiac sign of Cancer:

June: 22.06. 23.06. 24.06. 25.06. 26.06. 27.06. 28.06. 29.06. 30.06.

July: 01.07. 02.07. 03.07. 04.07. 05.07. 06.07. 07.07. 08.07. 09.07. 10.07. 11.07. 12.07. 13.07. 14.07. 15.07. 16.07. 17.07. 18.07. 19.07. 20.07. 21.07. 22.07.

♌ Sign of the zodiac Leo (23.07. – 23.08.)

The lion was already one of the signs of the zodiac in ancient Babylon, although the Babylonian astrological system was not as mature as ours. But the proverbial “roaring heat” simply suited the majestic lion. Even in our days, the end of July and August are the times when holidays, leisure and pure joy of being are on the agenda. These are the most beautiful times of the year. The lions are therefore said to radiate formally and to strive for self-realisation within the framework of the ruling cosmic energies.

In fact, Lions are often luminous and radiant personalities who attract attention, which they in turn enjoy. Being in the center of attention is something that Leo likes. He also brings the necessary self-confidence for it. Often he is a kind of gentleman and is indeed suitable as a leader. People in leading positions, the self-employed, but also creative people are often lions.

They become dissatisfied and unhappy when they fill a little-noticed position in which their personality is not shown to advantage. Shady sides are also revealed when only the public appeal is important and the actual being of the lion is lost. Basically, lions are players who live according to the pleasure principle. The lion is the man of action and the artist of life, who also likes to cut up. The formative star of Leo-born is, how could it be otherwise, the sun.

From when to when are you a Leo?

If you were born between July 23 and August 23 and celebrate your birthday on one of these days, you belong to the zodiac sign Leo:

July: 23.07. 24.07. 25.07. 26.07. 27.07. 28.07. 29.07. 30.07. 31.07.

August: 01.08. 02.08. 03.08. 04.08. 05.08. 06.08. 07.08. 08.08. 09.08. 10.08. 11.08. 12.08. 13.08. 14.08. 15.08. 16.08. 17.08. 18.08. 19.08. 20.08. 21.08. 22.08. 23.08.

♍ Sign of the zodiac Virgo (24.08. – 23.09.)

The zodiac sign of Virgo also corresponds conspicuously with former events in a rural environment at this time of year. Because at the end of August, beginning of September, the fruits of the field had to be collected, processed and preserved for the winter. A great deal of work was therefore required, which required prudence, skill, diligence, a sense of order and craftsmanship. The zodiac sign still reminds us today that these precious fruits of the field and the earth should be treated with care and consumed with caution.

It is therefore not surprising that people under the zodiac sign of Virgo are very down to earth and practical. Planning, organising, arranging – no problem for Virgo. Virgins also have the positive quality that they can help where it is necessary, reliably and thoroughly. The downside is that these positive qualities can under certain circumstances turn into pedantry, perfectionism and schoolmastering. For the much work that had to be done in the season of the Virgin could naturally lead to this sign of the zodiac being considered diligent and skilful, but sometimes also to being dogged and lost in their work. For every work has a specific goal and the goal must not be forgotten above zeal.

Virgins are also considered to be very helpful and often feel the urge to help people. Therefore they are often at home in social professions. In their exuberance to care for others, they sometimes forget themselves. They are also often at home in professions related to body and health, including nutrition. They often prefer alternative methods, some even have healing powers.

Virgins are therefore the type of servant and at the same time methodical person. Schoolmastering can be a negative aspect of this. In their appearance they are discreet, simple and sometimes careless. The sometimes appearing inhibition and shyness contradicts their logical and reasonable thinking.

From when to when are you a virgin?

If you were born between 24 August and 23 September and celebrate your birthday on one of these days, you belong to the zodiac sign Virgo:

August: 24.08. 25.08. 26.08. 27.08. 28.08. 29.08. 30.08. 31.08.

September: 01.09. 02.09. 03.09. 04.09. 05.09. 06.09. 07.09. 08.09. 09.09. 10.09. 11.09. 12.09. 13.09. 14.09. 15.09. 16.09. 17.09. 18.09. 19.09. 20.09. 21.09. 22.09. 23.09.

♎ Zodiac sign Libra (24.09. – 23.10.)

The zodiac sign of Libra also correlates strongly with the season into which it is born. The zodiac sign Libra begins astrologically with the autumnal equinox, in which the hours of day and night literally “balance each other out”. The weather fluctuates between beautiful, golden autumn days in the play of colours of nature in late summer and the harsh winds and rainfall already heralding winter. In its tension between summer, autumn and winter, the season of Libra develops a special flair.

In earlier times, the official court days were also held after completion of the harvest work, where disputes could be settled. It is therefore no coincidence that Libra-born children are said to have a certain indecisiveness, emotional swaying and a strong sense of beauty and justice.

Indecisiveness and emotional swaying make Libra-born people by nature very in need of harmony. They do not like conflicts and in return work to balance opposites. This is why their diplomacy and proverbial charm are praised. But like everything in life, there is a dark side to this: over-adaptation and inability to assert one’s own concerns can be the result. That’s why scales love beauty and recognize shapes and colors at first glance. The resulting understanding of art gives them the ability to beautify people and also things.

The fashion, cosmetics and jewellery industries are therefore good places to go for scales. They also have good manners and rarely make mistakes in taste. That is why Libra feels comfortable in the company of other contemporaries and likes to invite them to its home. Expressed in types, Libra is an artistic and fun-loving person, a bohemian, but possibly also a diplomat. It is assigned the planet Venus.

From when to when are you a Libra?

If you were born between September 24 and October 23 and celebrate your birthday on one of these days, you belong to the zodiac sign Libra:

September: 24.09. 25.09. 26.09. 27.09. 28.09. 29.09. 30.09.

October: 01.10. 02.10. 03.10. 04.10. 05.10. 06.10. 07.10. 08.10. 09.10. 11.10. 12.10. 13.10. 14.10. 15.10. 16.10. 17.10. 18.10. 19.10. 20.10. 21.10. 22.10. 23.10.

♏ Sign of the zodiac Scorpio (24.10. – 22.11.)

Scorpio is the most inhospitable season of the year, when the days turn early into night and are rather dark. Humans feel these circumstances clearly. In addition, there is often a gloomy, muddy weather that does not allow any external activities. Within their own four walls, people are confronted with inhospitable natural conditions when looking through the window and with problems when looking inside.

Once, therefore, November was the month of remembrance of the dead and of inner reflection. Even today, many feel depressed because the ability to deal with the more difficult side of life seems to have been lost. These may all be reasons why so many dark features are associated with Scorpio-born people. Unfortunately, their ability to look into the depths and face the abysses of life has made Scorpio the most “unpopular” sign of the Zodiac. However, this very sign of the zodiac has a lot of potential to “bring light into darkness”.

Love, hate, affection, aversion, interest or disinterest – Scorpio people are extreme natures. For them, the motto applies either completely or not at all. The intense is their business, and their feelings are marked by passion. Sexuality is therefore an important part of their lives.

When dealing with other people, Scorpios usually appear cool and distant, but superficiality is not their nature. On the contrary, they have a strong urge to explore, to seek knowledge and confirmation. A special talent of Scorpios is to uncover mistakes and sore spots, which does not necessarily make them popular; especially when exposure only refers to others, Scorpios sometimes attract aggression, especially since they have a tendency to dominate.

The hidden power structures of society and the look behind the scenes have taken their fancy, which sometimes leads to political involvement. They feel completely at one with themselves wherever secrets have to be uncovered or bad things eliminated, for example in criminology, psychology, medicine, but also in waste disposal or in the field of mineral resources. All these interests lead the Scorpio to be energetic and sometimes domineering, with a sharp and analytical mind. But it can also turn into malice and deceit.

Impulsive action at the right time coupled with a thirst for knowledge can certainly help Scorpio to succeed, although contemporaries may classify it as “difficult”. The Scorpio himself can see through others, for he knows the abysses of life only too well. Often he also succeeds in bringing people into a relationship of dependence and to bind them to himself. In this respect he also corresponds to the type of the demonic seducer.

From when to when is one a Scorpio?

If you were born between 24 October and 22 November and celebrate your birthday on one of these days, you belong to the zodiac sign of Scorpio:

October: 24.10. 25.10. 26.10. 27.10. 28.10. 29.10. 30.10.

November: 01.11. 02.11. 03.11. 04.11. 05.11. 06.11. 07.11. 08.11. 09.11. 10.11. 11.11. 12.11. 13.11. 14.11. 15.11. 16.11. 17.11. 18.11. 19.11. 20.11. 21.11. 22.11.

♐ Zodiac sign Sagittarius (23.11. – 21.12.)

Optimistic, fun-loving and adventurous: these qualities are attributed to Sagittarius, in contrast to the deep scorpion. This is because Sagittarius time runs towards the winter solstice, the point at which the days become longer again. The winter solstice was traditionally very important and symbolic for people, first for ancient religious reasons, later for Christian ones.

For this reason, the Church has placed Advent and Christmas exactly at this time. For just as Christ is the bringer of salvation, so the winter solstice marks the point in time from which nature tends towards spring again. Externally, the change found its expression in the onset of winter, which was easier to bear than the dull weather in late autumn. Therefore the winter solstice has a psychological aspect. Due to the cultic significance of its time of birth, Sagittarius is ascribed an interest in philosophical questions.

Sagittarians are primarily interested in the meaning of things. Their special field is the philosophies and beliefs of mankind. Accordingly, Sagittarians are in search of their personal truth. Travel is therefore popular with these people to get to know foreign cultures and philosophies. Sagittarians live from visions, they believe in ideals. The vastness of the horizon is more important than the detail. But if problems arise, the shooter quickly throws in the towel. Something new appears in his eyes that ignites his enthusiasm. Basically, the shooter has strong views, whereby he knows how to skillfully thread it in to realize his will.

It is important for shooters to have a goal and to believe in it. They also have a strong desire for freedom. They not only bring tolerance and generosity with them, but also expect this from their fellow human beings. They have a tendency to exaggerate and in their exuberance often overshoot the mark. However, hardly anyone can resist their open-hearted charisma, so that they are usually liked and encouraged. Because to receive confirmation is an important concern of this zodiac sign. Sometimes this can lead to bragging and hypocrisy. The planet of the Sagittarius is Jupiter.

From when to when is one Sagittarius?

If you were born between 23rd November and 21st December and you celebrate your birthday on one of these days, you belong to the sign of Sagittarius:

November: 11/23. 11/24. 11/25. 11/26. 11/27. 11/28. 11/29. 11/30.

December: 01.12. 02.12. 03.12. 04.12. 05.12. 06.12. 07.12. 08.12. 09.12. 10.12. 11.12. 13.12. 14.12. 15.12. 16.12. 17.12. 18.12. 19.12. 20.12. 21.12.

♑ Zodiac sign Capricorn (22.12. – 20.01.)

Christmas is over, but winter is far from over: Especially in the period of Capricorn it could get really cold again, especially in earlier times, although people were tired of winter. Rigor mortis took over everything and everyone. That is why Capricorn people see the world primarily as an accumulation of adverse conditions that require a lot of self-assertion and bite. Accordingly, Capricorns are tough and can hold out for a long time if they see a purpose in something.

While life once depended on doing what was essential to ensure the survival of winter in the Capricorn era, Capricorn is also calibrated to a sense of responsibility and seriousness. Organization and hierarchies are important to him, as are planning and consistent implementation. Capricorns only focus on what is important and are therefore realistic people who are honest, independent, reliable and have integrity. Sometimes this can also lead to inappropriate harshness and an intransigence that does not forgive mistakes.

But in essence the Capricorn is a determined, strict man of action. He is persevering, persistent, systematic, disciplined, faithful, clever, orderly and self-critical. But love of order can also turn into pedantry under negative omens, just as discipline can turn into stiffness and inflexibility. Capricorn is usually a conservative contemporary who, if not pedantically rigid, is someone you can rely on and who concentrates on the essential. His planet is Saturn.

From when to when are you a Capricorn?

If you were born between 22 December and 20 January and celebrate your birthday on one of these days, you belong to the zodiac sign Capricorn:

December: 12-22. 12-23. 12-24. 12-25. 12-26. 12-27. 12-28. 12-29. 12-30. 12-31.

January: 01.01. 02.01. 03.01. 04.01. 05.01. 06.01. 07.01. 08.01.

09.01. 10.01. 11.01. 12.01. 13.01. 14.01. 15.01. 16.01. 17.01. 18.01. 19.01. 20.01.

♒ Zodiac sign of Aquarius (21.01. – 19.02.)

Winter is not yet over in the Aquarian Age, but nature is already noticeably in motion: The juices are sprouting in the trees, the days are getting longer, even the carnival is foolishly moving in to chase away the last winter spirits.

Similarly, a thirst for action and freedom, individualism and the desire to be independent characterise Aquarius. He wants to be different from others, goes his own way and sometimes this can lead to those born under this sign of the zodiac becoming rebels, snobbish individualists and eccentrics who talk grandiloquently about ideals but don’t put them into practice.

Routine? Not for Aquarius. Just like nature at this time of year, Aquarius is always on the move, making plans, but doesn’t necessarily have the knack of putting them into practice. His direction is clearly the future, just as nature is working towards spring in the corresponding period.

Many reformers and philanthropists, who programmatically demanded equal rights for all, belonged or belong to the group of Aquarians who are typical Sanguinians. Idealism, ingenuity and farsightedness characterize their thinking. They often have the big picture in mind and fight for fundamental changes. For what Aquarius once gained in insights and knowledge, he persists.

Professionally, Aquarians are at home wherever they can work independently, where improvisation is necessary or where the most modern technology is used. Mostly they appear friendly, but can also be selfish in a hurtful way. They are stubborn and erratic, energetic and sometimes reckless.

From when to when are you an Aquarius?

If you were born between 21 January and 19 February and celebrate your birthday on one of these days, you belong to the zodiac sign Aquarius:

January: 21.01. 22.01. 23.01. 24.01. 25.01. 26.01. 27.01. 28.01. 29.01. 30.01. 31.01.

February: 01.02. 02.02. 03.02. 04.02. 05.02. 06.02. 07.02. 08.02. 09.02. 10.02. 11.02. 12.02. 13.02. 14.02. 15.02. 16.02. 17.02. 18.02. 19.02.

♓ Sign of the Zodiac Pisces (20.02. – 20.03.)

With the zodiac sign of Pisces the astrological course of the year comes to an end. It is a sign that actually stands for a transition, because everything is a cycle. Purely outwardly this transition can be found in nature. Spring is in the air and is longed for, but cool winds are still blowing and the earth is still covered with hoarfrost in the morning. People are waiting for the warmth that will soon set in and therefore the zodiac sign of Pisces is also a symbol of longing.

Even in purely practical terms, Pisces seems to stand between reality and actual action, which is embodied by the subsequent Aries principle. The zodiacal sign Pisces is therefore said to have intuition, sensitivity, imagination and also daydreaming, which can lead to them clinging to utopian ideals, being chaotic and losing their direct connection to reality.

A further consequence can be unworldliness, but also mystical tendencies with an interest in things and circumstances that are out of order. Therefore, thinking is often imaginative, dreamy, almost utopian. Pisces like the solitude to think about mysticism. Their appearance is therefore rather quiet and distant. But sometimes the seclusion can also have something of a flight from the world, so this zodiac sign is also associated with addictions.

Basically Pisces-people are sensitive and delicate. Like the fish as animals, they have a thin skin, which is expressed concretely in the fact that they sense feelings, atmospheres and moods very precisely. Fish do not listen so much to what is said, but to the tone of voice. Just as fish in water cannot distinguish themselves from water, fish people also have difficulty in drawing boundaries. They need periods of rest. If they do not, they become ill.

The sensitivity of the Pisces-borns is also shown in a pronounced compassion towards fellow human beings. They are often at home in social professions, for example as nurses or educators. They are often unselfish and altruistic and help where they can. Their sensitivity also makes them very receptive to musical areas.

From when to when are you a fish?

If you were born between February 20th and March 20th and celebrate your birthday on one of these days, you belong to the zodiac sign of Pisces:

February: 20.02. 21.02. 22.02. 23.02. 24.02. 25.02. 26.02. 27.02. 28.02. 29.02.

March: 01.03. 02.03. 03.03. 04.03. 05.03. 06.03. 07.03. 08.03. 09.03. 10.03. 11.03. 12.03. 13.03. 14.03. 15.03. 16.03. 17.03. 18.03. 19.03. 20.03.