Anyone whose birthday is between 21 March and 20 April is born under the sign of Aries. What does this mean and what does the zodiac sign Aries say about their personality? Which character traits are typical for Aries-born children?

Typical characteristics of the zodiac sign Aries

The Aries (Latin aries, astrological symbol ♈) is the first sign of the zodiac and is ruled by the planet Mars. Its element is fire.

The typical Aries is adventurous, persistent, enthusiastic, resilient, determined, direct, assertive, dynamic, honest, ambitious, energetic, extroverted, frank, cheerful, idealistic, inspiring, combative, passionate, courageous, open, perceptive, quick, independent, self-confident, self-assured, spontaneous, energetic, independent, tireless, uncomplicated, enterprising, visionary, strong-willed, purposeful and hands-on.

Weaknesses: aggressive, quick-tempered, daredevil, selfish, impulsive, irascible, inconsiderate, stormy, quarrelsome, unpredictable, impatient, disorderly, restless.

How do Aries-born people behave?

Always forward!

At the beginning of spring the people are born, whom we assign to the zodiac sign of Aries. This time corresponds to the natural beginning of the year. Just as nature renews itself and naturally paves its way, so does Aries.

All the simple and carefree vitality of nature, which knows no hidden questions, resonates in this person. Forward is the motto, always with the new beginning in mind. In every Aries there is this belief in his power, this sometimes almost childlike nature.

Open and honest

Energetic and full of courage, the ram is full of fiery impulses. So it’s no wonder that his success is due to the fact that he acts faster than others, but unfortunately sometimes a little imprudent. He does not like complicated contexts, he wants to grasp something quickly and preferably take action immediately.

Ruled by the battle planet Mars, he doesn’t shy away from confrontations, sometimes he even seeks them to measure his strength against others. The typical Aries is not a diplomat, he seeks the open and honest word. He rarely holds back his opinion for long.

Some people appreciate him because they always know where they stand with him. Others, however, prefer to take cover when he makes comments that hit the mark but are sometimes hurtful.

He loves danger

Aries love the feeling of being right on the pulse of time and directly influencing events. They go straight to their destination without any major detours. They love the danger, the risk, the quick decision.

Their actions are a mixture of attack and fresh impulses. Certainly there are also lamblike representatives of this zodiac sign, but these are rather the exception or the lost sheep.

Much human warmth

Since the ram was born in a fire sign, it also has a lot of human warmth in it. Even if it is sometimes hard to believe, there are some very caring rams with a lot of heart. The rough and tumble charm is just part of it. But behind the rough skin there is a softcore.

These characteristics are typical for the Aries woman

Aries women are in no way inferior to their male zodiac colleagues. They love to fight for their lives and love to assert themselves. No wonder, after all they are ruled by power planet Mars. And it provides a big plus in energy and a lot of self-confidence. A lady in Aries knows exactly what she can do, and certainly doesn’t sell herself short.

However, cautious men are better off leaving such an active woman alone, because it’s not always easy to exist next to her. As powerful and sharp-tongued as this tough lady comes along, many a man can get a frightening experience. The Aries lady certainly doesn’t need anyone to protect her. The lady herself – that is her motto. And she can cope with the hardships of life quite well without assistance.

One thing this lady can’t stand at all: if you try to patronize her. She does not like to be subordinated. She’s the boss, nobody else. If you do her that favour, she’ll be a great help to you. The Aries woman does everything for her loved ones and she is always there for good friends when they need an open ear for their worries and needs. Then she leaves everything to rush to their aid.

By the way, Aries ladies are also sporty, and so you can often find them in the gym, where they let off steam and release excess energy. You can see that in their bodies. It is impeccable and in top shape.

These characteristics are typical for the Aries man

Aries men are the makers of the zodiac. With Mars as ruler of their sign, they want to be active and make a difference. And they like it when they have to defend themselves against resistance. After all, only then can they put all their talents to the test. Fighting for something is something they are particularly keen on. Not necessarily with their fists, of course, but as conquerors – of women, of professional positions or even sporting goals.

Success is their driving force, and to achieve it, they are prepared to give a great deal. However, sometimes they tend to overestimate their power. Small breaks would not harm even the most powerful ram. Then he will power himself out less quickly. This also applies to his sports program. A ram needs a lot of action and is therefore often found in the gym. After all, all the energy that the power planet Mars supplies him needs a valve. A varied leisure program is also a must for him.

As soon as it gets boring, he quickly takes flight. A ram carries its heart on its tongue. However, he sometimes overdoes it and his spontaneous remarks can really offend or even hurt his fellow human beings. But you shouldn’t take that away from him. He is always absolutely honest, whether you like it or not. But in return you always know where you stand with him and can rely on him completely.

Adventure or romance – what is the Aries looking for?

Spirited and fiery, the dynamic ram tackles love. He is easily inflamed, throws himself with great enthusiasm into a new relationship, and quickly thinks of a common future. When he falls in love, he finds it difficult to wait. He prefers to go all out right away and convince his sweetheart of his qualities.

Since he is very impatient and hot-blooded, he quickly loses interest if he is left on the fence for a long time. Fortunately this happens to him only rarely, because the erotic planet Mars makes him immensely attractive. The Aries scores points above all with his open laughter, his athleticism, and his lively, gripping manner.

Job, finances and success under the sign of Aries

Silence is a foreign word for the ram. Rather, he is constantly in action and always busy with a project he wants to move forward. For this reason, alone he strives for success. Thanks to his speed and chronic confidence, success often enough comes about.

The Aries also shines with his spontaneity: while others are still brooding for a long time, he is already in the process of implementing his ideas. Professions in which this ability is in demand are therefore particularly suited to him.

However, a very large sum of money is rarely to be found in his bank account. Because he loves to spend his well-earned money.

What does Aries need to be happy?

Aries seeks happiness in a very spontaneous way. Sometimes they even stumble upon it. They are then happy if they are given their space. Because they love to be active and like to be busy with something exciting. If, for example, an illness or circumstances prevent them from doing so, or if they have to adapt to circumstances, they quickly become unhappy.

But when they have become so absorbed in something that they are really absorbed in it, then they shine. Happiness also means vitality for Aries. This includes everything that maintains and strengthens their vitality, such as sport.

Are Aries-born friends for life?

Aries is a fire sign, and so these people are quickly on fire. It is easily possible that the best friend today is someone completely different than a year ago. Just as quickly as the euphoria for a new acquaintance ignites, it can also cool down again with these erratic signs. Aries can also have long-standing friendships. However, this is mainly due to the stamina of the other.

Since Aries don’t mince matters and like to express their opinion directly, they sometimes make it quite difficult for people who love harmony. A dispute that is not a serious problem for one Aries can be considered serious by others and can put the friendship to a hard test. But one thing is for sure: It will never be boring with a ram as a friend!

Can Aries keep a secret?

Fiery and direct, as the ram is, he actually considers secrets to be superfluous. Because why should something be hidden? It’s much better to talk about it openly anyway, especially when it’s important. Aries doesn’t like it when people push around, make a big deal out of trifles, or even pretend to know something he doesn’t need to know.

It quickly feels as if he is being made a fool of and therefore he doesn’t see the point of being the bearer of a secret himself. Information should be passed on, especially if it helps to bring momentum to a matter.

Quirks and quirks… everyone has them… even the Aries

Fiery and dynamic he is the active ram. But a guy who is under full steam like this can of course explode like a pressure cooker that you don’t use properly. This happens above all when the ram has to wait, does not get his way, or when he has to deal with incompetent fellow human beings or an unreasonable neighbor.

Then his collar will quickly burst. Anyone who gets in his way, whether intentionally or out of sheer recklessness, will soon notice what an impatient bundle of energy there is in a ram.