Anyone born between June 22 and July 22 was born in the zodiac sign Cancer. What does this mean and what does the zodiac sign cancer say about personality? Which characteristics are typical for cancer-born?

Zodiac sign Cancer: Typical characteristics

Cancer (Latin Cancer, astrological symbol ♋) is the fourth sign of the zodiac. Its planet is the moon and its element is water.

The typical cancer is cuddly, persistent, modest, constant, empathetic, sensitive, determined, friendly, happy, caring, soulful, good-natured, helpful, intuitive, smart, lovable, methodical, compassionate, motherly, imaginative, planned, gentle, sensitive, safety-loving, economical, tolerable, dreamy, resilient and purposeful.

Weaknesses: fearful, influenceable, sensitive, unstable, moody, passive, sentimental, mood-dependent, dependent, overprotective, over-sensitive and vulnerable.

How do cancer-born people behave?

Friendly but cautious

Hard shell, soft core – this description probably applies to most crayfish. Sentimental by nature, they take an unusually long time to open their hearts to others. Humanity plays a major role for a cancer, he likes to set a good example here, which earns him a lot of sympathy.

If they are not in the mood for one of their moods, crayfish can be very sociable and fun. They approach their fellow human beings in a friendly and yet cautious manner, are good listeners and even better observers. They always have advice for their fellow human beings, only sometimes they feel helpless when it comes to their own problems.

Childlike and motherly at the same time

The moon is the sign of cancer and from an astrological point of view it symbolizes childhood, but also mother. Cancer usually has something childish and maternal about it at the same time. He is sensitive like a child and retires quickly to his snail shell if there are any problems.

He tends to be overly sensitive and worry a lot, often unnecessarily. But when others need his help, he is quickly on hand and always has an open ear for his fellow human beings.


The big danger with cancer is its pessimism. He can’t believe that everything should go smoothly and is almost looking for a stumbling block. So it happens that he wants to protect people who are close to his heart from all dangers and sometimes does not notice how he clutches and restricts them.

Cancer lives its real life internally, not externally. It is one of the kindest signs of the zodiac, friendly, soulful and soft. But he knows about its softness, which is why he consistently tries to avoid dangers. Delicate situations, aggressive people or even open arguments are anathema to him.


Every day you can watch the moon change. Cancer-born also have this rhythm in their nature. You can, therefore, change your mood very quickly. Her barometer ranges from sky-high cheering to death, and many people feel annoyed by this moodiness. Some rumbling cancer actually only wants to hear a sweet word.

Adventure or romance – what is cancer looking for?

The romantic cancer dreams of great love. He is very interested in a real partnership and is usually a very loving companion. Closeness and intimacy are important to him. Daily phone calls have nothing to do with control, but with real interest. If the cancer is really in love, then it is sincere and faithful.

He is also looking for a partner who is cuddly and strengthens his back. He particularly likes the soft tones. He also longs for someone who wants to make him a comfortable home. He is not a type for weekend relationships, but always needs his sweetheart at his side.

These characteristics are typical of the cancer woman

Female crayfish are predestined to start a family. Because they themselves have something playful about them and can therefore empathize with children particularly well. You probably can’t wait to have children. Cancer ladies are completely absorbed in the mother role. For this they are also willing to give up their job. The cancer mom loves to look after and care for her family and spoil them with delicious food. There is hardly a zodiac sign that loves to cook as well as cancer women. They seem to take the saying that love goes through the stomach very seriously.

The cancer ladies prefer to spend their free time in a cozy home. Cuddling up to her heart on the sofa is the greatest thing for the romantic cancer lady. This is clearly the handwriting of the moon. This makes them very emotional and emotional. Your sweetheart will be happy, because he can look forward to many tender hours with his favorite cancer.

However, sometimes the good girl tends to overdo it with her affections. This can sometimes lead to the fact that your partner feels restricted in his freedom. You shouldn’t forget that everyone needs enough air to breathe.

The cancer woman is a little comfortable and can hardly pull herself together to put all her many wishes into practice. So she needs someone to spur her on. Only then is she ready to overcome the inner bastard and become active.

These characteristics are typical of the cancer man

Male crabs are particularly soulful and the exact opposite of a macho. They are soft and sensitive, and thus the dream of every emancier. Anyone who wants a real guy, on the other hand, doesn’t get along so well with them. Since he is ruled by the moon, the cancer man can empathize with women (the moon stands for the female side). He probably has been in close contact with his mother all his life.

It takes a long time to gain their trust, because cancer men are very careful and afraid of being disappointed. That’s why they sometimes skilfully cover up their feelings. But don’t let that fool you. Because behind her hard shell is a soft core. Since cancer men are passionate cooks, they like to conquer women’s hearts with culinary delights.

Generally they are big family people and rarely available for a casual affair. Instead, homes and children are at the top of the priority list. They prefer to be contemplative. They don’t appreciate changes at all. They struggle to adapt to new situations. They feel so vulnerable, and whoosh, retreat to their snail shell.

Like no other man, cancer needs a sense of security. He would prefer it to always stay the way it is. He usually reacts to external changes by withdrawing into his dream world. His lack of drive can sometimes lead energetic characters to white heat

Job, finance and success in the sign of cancer

A sensitive, family-oriented personality like cancer likes to work with other people, for example in the social field. For this he sometimes puts his own needs back – the pursuit of success is not absolutely necessary for his happiness.

As long as everything is right in the private sphere, cancer is fine. Nevertheless, or precisely because of this, it is very popular. The corresponding recognition also has a financial impact.

A cancer is keen to hold its money together, but not to an exaggerated degree. So he wants to do something good every now and then, and he deserves it!

What does cancer need to be happy?

Crayfish are very sensitive, family-oriented people. They feel most comfortable in the company of their loved ones, so a big bank account is of secondary importance to them. Being surrounded by loved ones and feeling safe makes a cancer happy.

He is also satisfied with culinary delights of all kinds: cooking and eating – romantic by candlelight – delight him. He also likes to share with others. Taking in an abandoned kitten brings a smile to his face, but also the joy of others about his small gifts and attentions.

Are Cancer-Born Friends For Life?

Crayfish are very domestic people, to whom the family is more important. The same applies to really close friendships. However, it takes a while for an acquaintance to get this status from them. In his eyes, to be friends with a cancer also means to always be there for him. Due to the moodiness of the cancer, it can be quite exhausting at times.

But it’s worth it! Because cancer also gives back a lot, especially security and feeling. He especially loves to cook, play or just chat with good friends in small groups at home. This is his world! On the other hand, if you are looking for a companion for extravagant parties, you are at the wrong address when it comes to cancer.

Can cancer keep a secret?

Cancer is a great romantic and therefore has a weakness for secrets that are about forbidden love stories. A secret date that no one should know about, but also the neighbor’s great emotional confession when it comes to her messed up marriage: Cancer is all ears.

Human is not alien to him, he inspires confidence and can also listen very well. It is no wonder that he is entrusted with many a secret. This is also in good hands with cancer. However, if he has the feeling that his counterpart could use the information he has received, then he may be tempted to make suggestions.

Quirks and quirks … everyone has them … including cancer

The soulful cancer lives in the rhythm of the moon and is therefore in a different emotional state every day. Happy and exuberant one day, the next day he is self-absorbed and pessimistic. The cancer is capricious and definitely needs sensitive people who can quickly adapt to changing weather conditions.

He shows understanding, but who is not loyal and always available to him is quickly punished by childish pouting. Sometimes the cancer tends to patronize the others because it means so well with them. And woe, you don’t listen to his advice!