Those born between December 22nd and January 20th are born in Capricorn. What does this mean and what does the Capricorn sign say about personality? What are the characteristics of Capricorn-born women?

Typical properties of the zodiac sign Capricorn

The Capricorn (Latin Capricornus, astrological symbol ♑) is the tenth sign of the zodiac. Its planet is Saturn and its element is Earth.

The typical ibex is persistent, persistent, resilient, down-to-earth, disciplined, ambitious, serious, patient, straightforward, thorough, true to principle, stubborn, imaginative, clever, conservative, concentrated, orderly, dutiful, realistic, objective, self-critical, strategic, tradition-conscious, loyal, responsible, reasonable and careful.

Weaknesses: authoritarian, narrow-minded, controlled, pedantic, pessimistic, stubborn, stiff, dry, over-structured, relentless, unsociable and unapproachable.

How do Capricorn-born people behave?
Slow, yet persistent

Like its animal counterpart, the ibex makes its way safely and without stumbling. Each of his jumps is carefully considered and without fear. The Capricorn wants to do something.

And since he soon realizes that nothing falls into his lap, he trains in his own way for the struggle for life. He is not a striker, but makes his way carefully, step by step. No climb will be too steep for him. He takes his time because he is persistent and tough.

Solid foundation wanted

In fact, most ibexes have amazing careers, being long-distance runners. He is not interested in showmanship and short-lived trends; Capricorn wants to build his life on a solid foundation.

He appreciates quality that is timeless. So he buys expensive things, provided that they are not fashionable or subject to excessive wear. His style is classic, with a cool touch.

Hard worker

Since he is very dutiful, the ibex can only relax when it has completed its daily workload. Unfortunately, he often takes on so much that it never happens at this point.

It is only in the second half of life that most ibex find the leisure they need to rest a little on hard-earned laurels. But they need a certain security to be able to show themselves a little more relaxed.

Solid interests

The typical Capricorn is not a fan of loud parties and exuberant parties. He will never completely give up his serious grade and prefers to go to a concert or the opera in his spare time. He also likes to eat every now and then, preferably in a restaurant where he has already found the quality and service to be good.

A realist

You can have deep conversations with him, but the ibex won’t be particularly resourceful or ambitious. He is and remains an outspoken realist and is firmly rooted in life with both feet. You can’t fool him so quickly, he only believes what he sees himself.

Adventure or romance – what is the Capricorn looking for?

The ibex is reserved and yet has the highest demands. Only those with ambition and career prospects will be shortlisted. Since the ibex itself is one of the more sought-after contemporaries, it only accepts an equal partner. He likes winning types, but only those who don’t show their achievements too demonstratively.

Good manners are of great importance for the ibex, although it breaks with all conventions in the bedroom. As a partner, the ibex is jealous and sometimes a bit difficult because it doesn’t speak much about what bothers it. So he is mostly calm and explodes when his partner least expects it from him.

These characteristics are typical of the Capricorn woman

The Capricorn Lady stands with both legs on the floor and has an extremely keen sense of reality. This has earned her the reputation of being somewhat hypothermic and unapproachable. But once you get to know them better, you will notice how wrong you are with this judgment. The Capricorn lady is just careful because she doesn’t want to be disappointed. That is why she reacts very reluctantly to everything new – unknown situations as well as strangers.

It wants to probe the situation first before it becomes active in any way. When she has formed an opinion and it is positive, she can be very accommodating and warm. Not everyone wants to wait that long. But the man at her side can sing a song about how passionate this cool looking Capricorn lady can get once she’s got rid of her shyness. She is a real pearl because she is absolutely loyal and does everything for her loved ones. Then you forgive her for being a little materialistic.

A big bank account and an exquisite home give her a feeling of security. And she urgently needs that in order to feel really comfortable. She also attaches great importance to compliance with etiquette and rules. She just likes it when everything goes as usual.

On the other hand, she doesn’t like the unforeseen. Ultimately, it overturns your well thought out plans. And they are always hand and foot. Instead of castles in the air, she prefers to build a house, and with an equally ambitious husband at her side, she takes every hurdle in life with flying colors.

These characteristics are typical of the Capricorn man

Capricorn men are the keepers of the law – or so they think. That is why they do not find it difficult to point out their wrongdoing to others. They are always trying to do everything right and not to be out of line. This is also the reason why some consider them boring. They actually tend to tackle their duties and are rather serious. But Mr. Steinbock can also develop a very dry sense of humor with which he makes others laugh. You just have to lure him out of the reserve.

Capricorn men usually have a strong practical disposition, which is why they make good craftsmen and do-it-yourselfers. No hardware store is safe from them, because modern tools are almost status symbols for them.

The hard-working Capricorn men go a long way in their jobs, because they are extremely ambitious and show perseverance and assertiveness. They are often found in management positions. They prefer to work for themselves, teamwork is not their thing. Because who knows whether the other person is as correct and reliable as you are. Mister Capricorn is sometimes a little suspicious. That is why it takes so long to gain your trust.

He doesn’t fall in love quickly. But if he forgives his heart, it will be forever. After all, he had put his loved one through its paces beforehand in order to keep the risk of disappointment as low as possible. The divorce rates for Capricorn men are also lower than with any other zodiac sign.

Capricorn’s job, finance and success

Capricorn is no distance too far if it has set its sights on a goal that it absolutely wants to achieve. He can work hard for his success and stays on the ball even if things don’t go well in between. He appreciates rules that he can follow and makes sure that others don’t violate them. A police officer would therefore be a suitable profession for the ibex.

Since he has the talent to concentrate on the essentials, he is never really bad financially. He would even get along well with little money, although with his thrift he would probably accumulate a big plus in his account in the long run.

What does the Capricorn need to be happy?

Capricorn usually doesn’t expect much. He is modest and confines himself to the essentials: a stable livelihood and a functioning partnership. But he also copes well on his own. Capricorns should learn to allow themselves something more. They won’t blow their heads anyway.

If everything is in order and things remain manageable and assessable, then the Capricorn will be satisfied. He is a realist and always looking for security. His own home creates a basis from which he can strive for greater happiness.

Capricorn-born friends for life?

You can be friends with your Capricorn for the rest of your life, because time is something relative for him. It is only important that the boyfriend or girlfriend is as serious as the ibex. His motto is: You don’t always have to do something together, but you have to be able to rely on each other.

Large emotional showers are not for the Capricorn. He prefers to show his friendship by helping with the move, sometimes stepping in as a babysitter or by giving practical gifts.

Capricorn is quite open-minded when it comes to leisure activities. However, he needs a certain start-up or preparation time. In contrast, spontaneous activities are not for him. He prefers to know how his day will go when he gets up in the morning.

Can the Capricorn keep a secret?

The ibex is a quiet type in itself and does not like to play in the foreground. It is guaranteed that he will not pass on any secrets that are entrusted to him. If someone wants to tell him confidential things about a third party, the ibex will block them anyway. He does not want to hear what is not intended for his ears.

In general, he is convinced that it is better to go straight and avoid stealth as much as possible. Then there is no breeding ground for rumors. Small love secrets are an exception. They elicit a smile from Capricorn.

Quirks and quirks … everyone has them … also the ibex

Always calm, nothing should be mixed up here. Capricorn knows what to do, but it can take time. There are no quick shots with him, everything is done a thousand percent. That applies to his work, his household and his relationships. Half-heartedness is taboo. But to avoid mistakes, he first has to tackle everything strategically, think through it and observe it.

By the time he even knows how he wants to proceed, the others are almost there. Capricorn speaks the first word at the age of four, has been engaged for ten years, and has studied the longest of all. Detours are his specialty, what everyone does, he finds boring, because after all he has his own head.