Those born between May 21 and June 21 are born in the zodiac sign Gemini. What does this mean and what does the zodiac sign Gemini say about personality? What are the characteristics of a twin-born child?

Typical properties of the zodiac sign Gemini

The twins (Latin Gemini, astrological symbol ♊) are the third sign of the zodiac. Its planet is Mercury and its element is air.

The typical twin is adaptable, busy, agile, charming, flexible, cheerful, friendly, sociable, cheerful, always on the go, intelligent, youthful, communicative, sociable, creative, lively, curious, objective, open, factual, quick, tolerant, convincing , versatile, unbiased, agile and inquisitive.

Weaknesses: influenceable, distant, fickle, frivolous, nervous, superficial, restless, complacent, prone to stress, dishonest, impatient, unreliable, prolonged and distracted.

How do twins born behave?
Two faces

The typical twin needs variety and movement like others need air to breathe. He loves the hype, only then is he in his element. Making contacts is his greatest strength, but whether he can always keep them is questionable. Because what seems enchantingly non-binding may just be superficial for the other.

Even though twins sometimes talk like a book and seem to be open, they keep their second face to themselves. It is difficult to judge a twin, because sometimes he himself does not know what he will do in the next moment. He plays with a thousand possibilities and loves to taste a little bit of everything.

Active and charming

Everything that takes a long time bores him. So the twin changes his beliefs, his theories and maybe his job more often. He is fascinated by the new, he wants to be informed and up to date. A twin is never clumsy, but usually cheerful and agile.

For him, having to sit quietly is the greatest punishment. Twins have a nimble mind, an agile body and a stunning charm that helps their fellow human beings to forget their small, annoying unreliability. In addition, they are at no excuse and still refreshingly honest in their own way.

Do many things at once

This particular versatility and restlessness is inherent in a twin, which makes some simple minds uncomfortable. He usually acts faster than others and can easily do several things at once. One twin has been active for a long time, while the others are still reading the manual. His alert mind constantly needs new food.

Ready to travel

For this reason, many twins like to travel for their lives, and most of them even travel a lot for work, because hiking from place to place enlivens them. This is how they go through their lives with zest, start a lot, but only bring a little to an end. Their purpose is more in the role of the mediator, the messenger who moves between the worlds and delivers information.

Adventure or romance – what is the twin looking for?

Nobody deals with love as lightly and airily as the twin. He easily finds the right words to make the object of his desire happy and in love with himself. He flirts like a world champion, but without seriously thinking about a steady relationship. The list of telephone contacts of a single twin is very long. He can be very creative when it comes to not letting one treasure notice the other.

But such gadgets can doom him. The twin may only be looking for erotic adventures, but his lovers would prefer to head for the port of marriage. Particular caution is required here. The typical twin only binds if you let him have the long leash.

These characteristics are typical of the twin woman

Gemini women love to chat for hours with loved ones about God and the world. They literally speak like a book, which can sometimes be a bit of a problem for rather quiet contemporaries. Anyone who has a friend of the twins should not be able to avoid making long-term phone calls. But you also get the latest news from the Circle of Friends and the same from all over the world. Her curiosity also helps the twins woman professionally, as she never gets tired of training and learning new things. Some people could cut a slice of it!

This lively lady also attaches great importance to gaining new experiences in her free time. The best way is of course when traveling. If a twin friend is not at home for a few days, you shouldn’t worry. Then she probably decided spontaneously, as is her way, to take a short trip to the sunny south. She gets to know a few nice people straight away. But whether these acquaintances last long is rather questionable.

Because twins are pretty fickle creatures. They lack a bit of emotional depth. Even if it seems so open, in truth very few know what is really going on in it. With all others, the twin lady leaves it with rather superficial contacts. You shouldn’t necessarily expect her to keep a promise. Because something can easily happen to her, so that she forgets it in a hurry.

These characteristics are typical of the twins man

In general, men are often said to speak too little. But you can’t say that about a twins man. The ladies are happy. At least as long as she still has a say. With a twin at your side, it is guaranteed not to be boring. He is incredibly enterprising and very interested in many things.

On the other hand, he doesn’t like to sit still. He always needs action and hustle and bustle – and above all a lot of people around him. Establishing new contacts seems to be a hobby of this charming heavy otter. His partner should therefore always keep a close eye on him. Because he just likes to flirt for his life. But don’t worry, the motto for him is: getting an appetite is allowed, then eating at home.

However, a twins man has trouble just dropping and turning his head off. One should therefore not expect too deep romantic feelings from him. He just has too much in his head for him to be able to fully engage in love. This is due to the intellectually charged Mercury who rules his sign.

In the job, however, this is definitely an advantage. Here the twins man demonstrates an alert mind, which also enables him to quickly familiarize himself with new subject areas. In addition, twins are quite adept commercially. So they quickly climb up the career ladder. Also because they understand perfectly how to eloquently convince others of their numerous advantages.

Job, finance and success in the sign of the twin

A twin is very open to any new idea because he is a head man. This applies to professional projects that require his intellect and reason. He collects plus points with innovative ideas.

In addition, the twin is always flexible enough to be able to quickly rearrange when necessary. However, he often wants to do too much at once and then gets bogged down – before a twin starts a project, thorough planning is essential!

Financially, no matter which account balance is displayed, it always manages to make ends meet.

What does the twin need to be happy?

Twins are head people and open to new ideas. They also approach the search for happiness in an intellectual way, but this is not necessarily useful. After all, happiness is a condition rather than something that can be brought about consciously with intelligence. To get into this situation, twins invent all kinds of strategies.

They talk about happiness – also in sociable circles – and read books on the subject. But only when you come to rest after all these efforts can you be really happy: Simply switching off and doing nothing would make your search easier.

Are twins born friends for life?

Twins are very sociable people. You therefore maintain versatile contacts. But since these are quite changeable, you should classify most of them in the category acquaintances. Real friends will remain twins for years only if they continually strive for a little continuity. Unfortunately not exactly a twins strength.

Good teachers in this are the constant earth signs Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn. And after all: twins are always capable of learning. Having a twin as a friend is a guarantee for a lot of variety and interesting contacts. Trying new things is very tempting for twins. Leisure fun is certainly not neglected with these signs.

Can the twin keep a secret?

The twin sucks up news and information, after all, it is intrinsically curious. Trusting him with a secret can be described as grossly negligent. He quickly reaches for the cell phone and hangs the whole thing on the big bell, especially when it is something he knows that the others are extremely interested in.

It is not for nothing that so many twins are employed by the media. The twin likes to see themselves as an information center and actually always has a small scandal in store. If there is nothing to tell, then he even puts a rumor into the world himself.

Quirks and quirks … everyone has them … even the twin

The typical twin could be the hero of a slapstick comedy, because its hectic pace and flakiness are second to none. Forgetting appointments, looking for glasses, even though they are on your nose, and also talking to yourself, that’s the twin as he lives and lives. Talks at all: he can stand in the hallway for hours and spread the latest gossip.

He is a news magazine on his feet and knows about the entire district. Unfortunately, he doesn’t always take the truth exactly and adds a few spicy details to make his stories look a little more interesting. It is better not to entrust secrets to a twin.