Anyone with a birthday between September 24 and October 23 was born in the zodiac sign Libra. What does this mean and what does the zodiac sign Libra say about personality? Which character traits are typical for those born in Libra?

Typical properties of the Libra zodiac sign

The Libra (Latin Libra, astrological symbol ♎) is the seventh sign of the zodiac. Its planet is Venus and its element is air.

The typical Libra is graceful, balanced, balancing, charming, diplomatic, you-oriented, honest, peace-loving, happy, witty, just, sociable, in need of harmony, polite, intelligent, sociable, cultivated, compassionate, optimistic, imaginative, considerate, sensitive, flattering, sensual, tactful, sociable, connectable, mediating, understanding and warm-hearted.

Weaknesses: arrogant, comfortable, vain, sensitive, hypocritical, averse to conflict, lukewarm, gullible, superficial, over-adjusted, indecisive, vague, vulnerable and changeable.

How do Libra-borns behave?
On a diplomatic mission

Basically, scales want nothing but peace and harmony. The Libra’s charming and diplomatic manner lets the agent play so many times, but she often gets caught between the fronts.

Artistic and in need of harmony

Her ability to bring harmony into everyday life often manifests itself in an artistic activity and the fear of confrontation. The beautiful things in life seem to be made for Libra. It is no coincidence that so many scales deal with art, fashion and luxury items.

Friendly and stylish

Weighing scales pose no problems, yes, it is a pleasure to bring a little style and elegance into your everyday life. The typical Libra is friendly and neat, but difficult to please. If she expresses criticism, then always with a smile on her face.

Venus gives the Libra its natural friendliness, which is not always correctly interpreted by other people. Therefore, the following applies to all scales: train your elbows and assert yourself more often!

Sense of fairness and justice

Another characteristic of the Libra is its pronounced sense of fairness and justice. This is also the reason why the scale takes a lot of time for important decisions. She would like to rethink everything in peace and maybe also get some opinions.

Most of the time this tactic is quite successful, but sometimes it doesn’t get anywhere and it seems very undecided. It is not always possible to please everyone.

Don’t disappoint anyone

The scales do not like the rugged answer, they always include a “maybe” or “possibly” in a rejection. However, this can lead to misunderstandings, because not everyone understands such a subtle rejection and often the Libra, with its diplomatic nature, unintentionally stirs up false hopes.

Adventure or romance – what is the Libra looking for?

Thanks to its enchanting charm, the good-looking and tasteful scales are popular everywhere. She has a very large circle of friends and always knows what is currently popular. Because she is so irresistibly attractive and friendly, you can easily fall in love with her. The typical scales are regularly swarmed by dozens of admirers. But scales are aesthetes, and only those who are themselves immaculately beautiful and well-groomed can look after them.

The Libra loves above all with the eyes. She likes a cultivated appearance and sophistication as well as people who offer her luxury and interesting conversations. In short, the typical scale is very demanding, but due to its fascinating charisma, is lucky enough to be able to choose from a wide range.

These characteristics are typical of the Libra woman

Even after a long day at work, female scales look as fresh as in the morning. It is a mystery to the rest of the women how to do it. Well, the fashion and cosmetics industry has its most interested customers among Libra ladies. Because hardly any other woman is as vain as the Libra lady. She always wants to be stylish and knows how to show off her chocolate side.

Elegance is their trademark. And she presupposes that also with her dream prince. If he appears in loose jeans on the first date, he has already lost. For her, appearances aren’t everything, but the first impression is crucial. One drawback, however, is the indecisiveness of female scales, who often cannot get through to the simplest things. A little more spontaneity would do it good and bring the realization: The world does not end when you take risks. She’s just afraid of offending someone. That’s why the Libra woman prefers not to commit herself at all.

Anyway, their need for harmony is incredibly great. She can take anything but the feeling that someone is angry with her. She avoids an argument. She prefers to give in, even though she is right. Caution, that could be exploited! Her strong interest in art and culture is also striking. If you want to conquer your heart, you’re guaranteed to be spot on with an invitation to the opera.

These characteristics are typical of the Libra man

The woman who fished for a Libra man can really count himself lucky. Because it is a rare specimen of the old school cavalier genre. He is always attentive and knows how to make nice compliments. The women’s world is naturally melting away quickly. Especially since he knows how to score with a very neat exterior. Mr. Waage is pretty vain and really wants to please.

He is a real little otter and loves to flirt with someone. He has a weakness for everything beautiful, including the fair sex. But usually it does not go beyond a harmless banter or deep looks. He just needs the feeling of being wanted, that’s enough for him. It is incredibly difficult for him to commit himself. But once he has done that, he is also loyal.

His initial fickleness can often be a little difficult for him in everyday life. He needs someone to help him make a decision, otherwise it will never be anything. Especially not because he doesn’t want to offend anyone. The Libra man is very fond of harmony and gives in for the sake of peace.

He can quickly be intimidated when others extend their elbows. But he still enforces his concerns. He doesn’t need loud words to do this, he uses diplomacy. And in that he is a true master. Like no other, he knows how to mediate between disputed parties. That makes him the perfect team player.

Job, finance and success under the sign of Libra

The scale always tries to balance, which is why it can convey particularly well. For her, therefore, ideal fields of activity are those in which she can use her diplomatic skills. Legal jobs suit her just as well because she has a strong sense of justice.

In addition, the scale is an esthete and likes to work in a team. The fashion industry would thus be a field of activity in which they could combine the two.

Since she likes to spend her money on beautiful things, she would like to make good money accordingly. Otherwise, she also opens up other sources of income with her smart mind.

What does the Libra need to be happy?

Scales strive for happiness by almost constantly trying to balance them. You just know that life between extremes can make you unhappy in the long run. Although they fluctuate from time to time and tend to be immoderate, they always find their way back into their midst.

A balance is more difficult to endure loneliness. She needs company and good friends, and also to understand herself better. Scales are really happy not only to discover the beauty of life and the world, but also to discover their own charm.

Are Libra-born friends for life?

The Libra is a particularly harmony-loving person and cannot bear bad moods within friendships at all. Therefore, she always strives for balance and tries a lot so that everything is good again quickly. She often swallows her own anger, just so as not to endanger the harmony. Even with criticism, she is reluctant to avoid treading on boyfriends or girlfriends.

If she says anything at all, then very indirectly through the flower. Which is often not noticed at all. Too bad. Because the scales actually have enough charm, so that one would not resent an open word. In addition, she is a true master in bridging opposites. Their versatility invigorates every friendship immensely.

Can the scale keep a secret?

The Libra is an integral part of any party and is always the focus. Sure, she picks up a lot. She doesn’t always keep all this to herself. The Libra will come up with one or the other indiscretion and whisper to your conversation partner: “Have you heard? The Meyers now have to sell their house!”

But she never means that badly, she just wants to share her knowledge with others. But she doesn’t spread rumors herself, she just passes on what she heard.

Quirks and quirks … everyone has them … even the scales

The typical Libra is so charming that you quickly forgive its quirks. She is popular, everyone likes her and wants to get in touch with her. But the beautiful, well-groomed presence is sometimes just a facade. She is the center of every society, knows all the important people, kisses everywhere and yet nothing gets under your skin.

Many relationships remain on the surface, the Libra loves to collect acquaintances and lovers, but the contact does not necessarily have to go deep. It becomes very uncomfortable for her if you nail her down and ask her to make important decisions. Sometimes it even becomes a problem for the scales to have to choose a meal in the restaurant.