Anyone whose birthday is between 20 February and 20 March is born under the zodiac sign of Pisces. What does this mean and what does the zodiac sign of Pisces say about personality? Which characteristics are typical for Pisces-born people?

Typical characteristics of Pisces

Pisces (Latin Pisces, astrological symbol ♓) is the twelfth sign of the zodiac. Their planet is Neptune and their element is water.

The typical Pisces is charming, sensitive, sensitive, sensitive, cheerful, mysterious, patient, sociable, generous, helpful, devotional, intimate, inspiring, intuitive, meditative, compassionate, pitying, mystical, imaginative, romantic, dazzling, soulful, selfless, sensitive, sentimental, understanding and dreamy.

Weaknesses: timid, impressionable, chaotic, undisciplined, indecisive, inhibited, unstable, unprincipled, sentimental, hypersensitive, cumbersome, incomprehensible and unreliable.

Motto of life: I feel connected with everything! I believe!

How do Pisces-borns behave?

Sensitive and vulnerable

The fish is simply hard to grasp, all those who have tried to really understand it can sing a song about it. He uses the trick with the diving only for self-protection because the typical fish is more sensitive and more vulnerable than he likes.

Therefore he tries to avoid threatening arguments. His intuition and inspiration also help him quite well, because he can sense danger in time and promising chances are not hidden from him.

Modest and good-natured

Fish can rely on their imagination and above all their intuition, and their premonitions are usually spot on. However, they never appear pretentious, instead of big words they rely on soft tones. Their modesty goes down well with others, as does their empathy and a big heart for others, especially the weak and needy.

But this is exactly where their greatest weakness lies because their good-naturedness is often taken advantage of. If this happens too often, fish can sometimes become quite suspicious and hide their real feelings.

Self-discipline required

Pisces are very sensitive contemporaries who know what the other person feels and thinks even without big words. Their shyness to face the naked truth lets their fantasy flourish. They want to bear everything but the consequences for their feelings or their actions.

Occasionally they tend to let themselves drift, self-discipline is not exactly a strength of the fish. This is due to Neptune, their planet, which tempts them to not always look at the things of life so realistically.

Adventure or romance – what is the fish looking for?

The fish has a very special eroticism. It usually only appears at second glance, but all the more intense. Although it is hotly desired, it still loves the image of the loner. After all, he knows that he is in danger of being too much taken in by a strong partner. Although the typical fish loves power types, they can only win him over with a lot of sensitivity.

He quickly sees through tricks. The fish is often very mysterious for his partner, because he doesn’t really let himself be seen in the cards. Even after many years of a mutual relationship, his partner often has the feeling that he doesn’t really know him. This serves as self-protection for the fish, because it is sensitive and needs inner freedom.

These characteristics are typical for the fish woman

The Pisces lady is very sensitive and therefore also easily vulnerable. You should handle her with kid gloves, otherwise, tears can quickly flow. With men, the delicate Pisces lady quickly awakens the protective instinct. But she seems more helpless than she really is. She knows how to get her way. Just not with loud words, but in a subtle way. In this way she makes others do what she wants them to do without them noticing. But this does not mean that she is calculating. No, just very skillful.

Mrs. Fisch can always rely on her gut feeling. She has an unmistakable sense of what is appropriate when and what is better left undone. If she could learn to live a little more in reality and not constantly withdraw into her dream worlds, she would be unbeatable. If something doesn’t suit her, she will never say it out loud or even start an argument. Then she simply disappears. She also skillfully avoids (necessary) discussions in this way. She is simply elusive.

But she always has an open ear for her loved ones. She suffers when someone is in a bad way and tries everything to bring a smile back to the lips of a loved one who is in pain. The imaginative Pisces-lady is especially fond of artistic activities. If she can live out her creative streak, she is happy and forgets everything else around her.

These characteristics are typical of the fish man

Yes, dear ladies, you can believe it: they still exist, the real women’s lovers. Any lady lucky enough to know a Pisces man will tell you that. Because Mr. Fish is a great romantic and spoils his sweetheart with numerous caresses and tenderness. He is also willing to listen to her for hours on end when she is in the mood to talk and gives comfort when his lady of the heart is sad. The lady’s heart beats faster!

Those who prefer a real guy with rough edges will not be happy with Mr. Fish, though. Macho airs and graces are alien to him, and when things get loud, he takes flight in fright. That’s why he can hardly hold his own. For the sake of peace he almost always gives in. Even when he is actually in the right. If he has the feeling that it could become unpleasant, he escapes by simply diving away. Since Pisces men sometimes live less in the real world than in some dreamworld, they are sometimes a little scattered. But that also gives them that mysterious aura that many women find so attractive.

Creative chaos is part of Mr. Fisch’s normal everyday life. Those who keep order are only too lazy to search – this saying is certainly coming from a fish-man! But when it comes down to it, he can rely on his instinct. It also helps him to master life with astonishing success – even though he always seems to be a little out of this world.

Job, finances, and success under the sign of the fish

Artistic activities are particularly appealing to the fish, as it is a sensitive and imaginative species. The great success is not so important to him, but rather the possibility to realize his own ideas. Therefore he can well imagine working as a freelancer. This has the advantage that he can determine his own working hours. Otherwise, he is suitable for professions that require tact and sensitivity.

Because the fish is anything but materially oriented, he does not hold on to his money excessively. A thick savings book, therefore, remains more of a dream, but in any case he only surrenders to it when he is really short of money.

What does the fish need to be happy?

Fish are sensitive, imaginative people and need the opportunity to develop. This is especially true on the emotional level because the world is much too cold in their eyes anyway. Dear people, with whom they can share interests and who bring them a bit of stability, make Fish happy.

But it is important that they learn not to let their normal chaos get out of hand and develop a certain sense of reality. This is necessary in order to make ends meet. Otherwise, fish need a lot of time to dream: diving into other worlds is a little happiness for them every time.

Are fish-born friends for life?

Fish are imaginative people and therefore you will hardly ever be bored at their side. However, they do appreciate friendships that, in addition to action, can also take a time of peace and contemplation. Fishing together in silence or lazing around is just as much fun as pulling around the houses in the evening or cavorting around at art exhibitions.

As fish are quite sensitive and therefore changeable in their moods, you should give them a certain amount of freedom. They are reliable in their own way, but not by always being there for you when you want them to be. If this is taken into account, a friendship with a fish can last quite long, maybe even a whole life.

Can the fish keep a secret?

The fish itself is a secret on two legs. Because it often behaves mysteriously and does not always tell the whole truth. So secrets quickly arise around its person, which others can sometimes misinterpret. Maybe the fish unconsciously forgets to pass on important details, but he is generally not a friend of people who want to squeeze him out or see-through him with their x-ray vision.

Many things in the life of a fish never come to light. This is what makes it so exciting with him. Sometimes the fish even distracts from his own secrets by telling those of other people. But he will only do this if he feels cornered. Otherwise the fish is discreet.

quirks and foibles… everyone has them… even the fish

It can be quite slippery when you try to grab him and finally force him to make a concrete statement. The fish goes its own way doesn’t like to be analyzed and expects to be committed. He does something voluntarily or not at all. The fish loves the game of hide and seek, the others are free to guess what it looks like inside him.

But this diving down often makes his environment annoying. Businesses and partnerships fizzle out because he simply doesn’t want to show his colors. After all, he loves nothing more than his back door, which he wants to keep open at all costs. He likes to dream because he often doesn’t feel so comfortable in reality.