Anyone with a birthday between November 23 and December 21 was born in Sagittarius. What does this mean and what does the Sagittarius sign say about personality? Which characteristics are typical for Sagittarius-born?

Typical properties of the Sagittarius zodiac sign

The Sagittarius (Latin Sagittarius, astrological symbol ♐) is the ninth sign of the zodiac. Its planet is Jupiter and its element is fire.

The typical Sagittarius is active, sincere, enthusiastic, agile, dynamic, direct, honest, energetic, extroverted, fair, fiery, freedom-loving, permissive, happy, generous, cheerful, idealistic, inspiring, intelligent, intuitive, life affirming, curious, open, optimistic, philosophical, quick-witted, self-confident, carefree, spontaneous, convincing, entertaining, versatile, truth-loving, far-sighted, cosmopolitan, thirsty for knowledge and determined.

Weaknesses: showy, instructive, selfish, headstrong, fanatic, cocky, hypocritical, excessive, missionary, unrealistic, irritable and hypocritical.

How do Sagittarians behave?
A born optimist

The lively and independent shooter is a born optimist. He wants to be generous and free, because nothing irritates a shooter more than small-scale fellow human beings. He needs a breath of the big wide world and also a few adventures.

Freedom-loving and dreamy

Many things would be easier for him to bear if the urge for freedom and knowledge did not keep catching up with him. Even if there are many shooters who get along well with the daily routine, they all have something of a privateer or nature boy in them; this applies equally to women and men.

A shooter needs the intellectual address and intellectual challenge, but also enough time to dream. Impulsiveness and thoughtfulness at the same time form a unique mixture that defines the typical shooter.

Openness or tactlessness?

The shooter is truth-loving. He is an open-minded guy who says what he thinks, often regardless of losses. Unfortunately, some shooters confuse openness with tactlessness. Behind this is often the fear of having to make too many compromises that could cost him his independence.

It is not always easy to teach a shooter that the truth is very precious and must be handled with care. Because he is so honest, he sometimes passes on information that he would have better kept to himself. His good faith always brings him into delicate situations.

Careful to let the mind wander

As naive as he sometimes seems, the Sagittarius is interested in profound philosophy and wisdom and is keen to let his mind wander.

Some shooters are very religious or interested in esotericism. Basically, the main purpose is to find a form of freedom. And finally, the shooter appreciates nothing more than his personal freedom.

Adventure or romance – what is the shooter looking for?

The shooter loves love because it is an eternal mystery to him. For him, love relationships are only really beautiful if they have something unfulfilled about them. Longing is what matters to him. Nevertheless, the shooter needs eroticism, feeling, warmth. It is a fire sign, which is why fire has to blaze. However, he doesn’t like it when things get too common. That drives him to flee.

Routine relationships quickly become too close to him. Whoever patronizes him cannot keep him. Then he packs his suitcases and searches for space. Hardly anyone combines love with travel as much as the Sagittarius. That is why he often falls in love in the distance. Vacation flirts are his great weakness and have already taken many shooters to another country.

These characteristics are typical of the Sagittarius woman

A Sagittarius woman is real sunshine. A good mood and a large dose of optimism are your constant companions. This makes life easier for you than others. She hardly knows how to make the best of the situation. No wonder, since it is governed by the happy planet Jupiter. What can go wrong? This also explains her great self-confidence, which she shows.

The Sagittarius lady also likes to flirt with her diverse experiences and great visions. Someone thinks she knows where to go. Even if that may not be the case: thanks to her constant confidence, Ms. Schütze always finds a way to achieve her goal. On the other hand, she doesn’t like small things, because this otherwise very tolerant lady sometimes sees red.

A Sagittarius lady loves the colorful variety. Boredom is a horror to her. You are hungry for adventure and want to be satisfied again and again. This lively lady cannot stand one thing at all: if you try to make her rules and restrict her. Her freedom is sacred to her. She doesn’t give up so quickly. Quite a few Sagittarius women therefore never marry, or only very late.

The Sagittarius lady is much more relaxed with money. It is very generous. Since the account can slip into the minus. But the fun-loving Sagittarius lady is guaranteed not to spoil her good mood.

These characteristics are typical of the Sagittarius man

Sagittarius men like to be generous and cosmopolitan. That just makes their hearts fly. Especially those of the female sex. The ladies are crazy about this adventurer. He just has that certain something and knows what women want. One likes to be charmed by its charm and carried away by its vigor. But it is not so easy to catch him, because his freedom is sacred to the Sagittarius. He only gives them up for great love.

He already plays with the feelings of the women. Even if there is no bad intent behind it, it can cause heartache. One should not be fooled by his confident nature. He often uses it to cover up small uncertainties. This does not detract from the friendly nature of the shooter. He is valued as an optimist who can find something positive even in adverse situations.

If you are friends with a Sagittarius man, varied leisure time is guaranteed. Because he likes nothing less than monotony. That is why he is always busy making new plans. He would like to go on a trip around the world every year so as not to miss anything.

This is his biggest concern: that something exciting could happen somewhere without him. However, the recovery is sometimes neglected. Less is often more: the lively Sagittarius should take this motto to heart more often.

Job, finance and success in the sign of the shooter

The main strengths of the shooter are his overwhelming optimism and his constant tolerance. With these characteristics, he is in good hands in almost every profession that really interests him.

However, it is important for the shooter to be able to develop freely. Because if he feels restricted, he becomes unhappy and is quickly ready to look for a new job.

Since the shooter likes to wear the trousers and is hardly prone to thrift – he doesn’t attach much importance to money – he should learn to calculate realistically. Living on a large footing only brings disadvantages in the long run and not the desired success.

What does the shooter need to be happy?

Shooters sometimes seem to have leased their luck. But this is mainly due to the positive attitude of these people. Optimism is one of their great strengths and this alone opens many doors for them. However, shooters often tend to exaggerate and challenge luck a bit too much.

Since high flights inevitably lead to a crash, it would be good for them to show a little more modesty. Satisfying yourself with small things and not simply ignoring negatives is the shooter’s learning task.

Are Sagittarius-Born Friends For Life?

To be friends with a shooter means one thing above all: a lot of fun. Because shooters are extremely enthusiastic and always have new ideas for great leisure activities. Her preferences are constantly changing, so you have to be a bit flexible to keep up. The friendships themselves are also subject to change. It is quite possible that the entire circle of friends will change completely within a few years.

In the time when the shooter is friends with someone, he also goes through thick and thin with his friend. He is tolerant about his small mistakes and quirks. A tip for Sagittarius friends: One should understand how to arouse his interest again and again. Then one of the shooters will remain at his side as a loyal companion for years to come.

Can the shooter keep a secret?

The Sagittarius is an advocate of the truth. It is open and sometimes a little tactless. Many family reunions sometimes end in a dispute, because the truth-loving shooter could not keep what individual family members told him in confidence.

This is particularly difficult for him if he feels that someone benefits from confidentiality in an unjustified way. In any case, he will mercilessly uncover secrets that have something offensive or reprehensible about them. Nobody is spared, even the best friend.

Quirks and quirks … everyone has them … even the shooter

The shooter sets out generously and optimistically to survive the adventures of his life. It is not known exactly whether he resembles Hans in luck or Don Quichotte. He is looking for the truth and great knowledge. He absolutely wants to leave everything small and tight behind him.

But he often goes a little blue-eyed, so it’s a wonder how often he just gets away with the horror. He is very lucky, but as soon as he finds it, he loses it again. Sometimes he is childishly naive, wants to believe in the good, in return for telling the truth in plain and impulsive ways.