Anyone born between October 24 and November 22 was born in the zodiac sign Scorpio. What does this mean and what does the Scorpio zodiac sign say about personality? What characteristics are typical for those born in Scorpio?

Typical properties of the zodiac sign Scorpio

The scorpion (Latin Scorpio, astrological symbol ♏) is the eighth sign of the zodiac. Its planets are Pluto and Mars, its element is water.

The typical scorpion is analyzing, persistent, resilient, preserving, committed, ambitious, determined, hardworking, researching, fearless, mysterious, brooding, intelligent, instinctive, powerful, creative, passionate, courageous, mysterious, self-critical, profound, unfathomable, intrepid, resilient, strong-willed, tough, determined and reliable.

Weaknesses: jealous, cunning, irascible, uncompromising, greedy, manipulative, suspicious, resentful, pessimistic, vengeful, bossy, sarcastic, unscrupulous, impenetrable, unforgiving and grim.

How do Scorpio-born people behave?
The poisonous sting

The small animal with the poisonous sting terrifies some and for a long time the human scorpions had to live with certain prejudices against their zodiac sign: They were accused of vengefulness and deceit. But this is by no means true of them.

A real individualist

Scorpions can be idiosyncratic, strong and proud, but they only use their sting when they feel threatened. A scorpion wants to analyze everything and get to the bottom of life’s secrets. Hardly anything escapes his X-ray vision.

Such a scorpion is not a comfortable contemporary, but a real individualist. Mercilessly he tracks down the injustices of life and human weaknesses and uses his intelligence cleverly. But what some fear, others see as strength of character and positive personality.


A scorpion goes its own way and is rarely afraid of the real challenge. Yes, he needs them, only then will he feel really comfortable. The reason for this is Mars, which rules the scorpion alongside Pluto. Mars is the battle planet and so the scorpion provokes a little controversy to stay in shape and measure its strength with others.

Relentless and strict

You shouldn’t show any weakness in a scorpion and you shouldn’t challenge him, especially not when he’s in a mood of aggression, because then he knows no mercy. Even if so many scorpions disguise themselves with good manners, you should never underestimate its relentless and strict nature.

Adventure or romance – what is the scorpion looking for?

When the scorpion enters the room, magic and passion are in the air. All or nothing is his motto for life and love. With his piercing gaze, he can pull others under his spell. One would love to be seduced by him, after all, the typical scorpion is considered the guardian of great erotic secrets.

In relationships, the scorpion is much more conservative than you think. There he shows himself from his loyal and comradely side. Unfortunately, he has a very good memory and remembers everything his partner says to him. This doesn’t just include the positive.

These characteristics are typical of the scorpion man

A Scorpio man doesn’t like being the center of attention. He prefers to pull the strings in the background. Let the others push themselves into the spotlight and brag about their success. He knows that he has real power, and that is enough for him.

He doesn’t like to be looked at in the cards and is a great tactician. But sometimes he stands up for himself because he complicates simple things unnecessarily. He always wants to be challenged, otherwise he gets bored quickly. It doesn’t always make it easy to deal with him, but it is very exciting. Especially since you never really know what you’re at with him.

He loves it mysteriously. Conversely, he also likes it when he can always discover new sides in his loved one. That keeps him interested and spurs his passion. And this is second to none. It often looks very cool on the outside. But that is deceptive. It sizzles violently in him. You just have to know how to start the fire and crack your hard shell. And that’s not so easy, since the scorpion is a true master of self-control. He also appreciates others if they do not fall out of the role. Because he has no understanding for it at all.

The ambitious Scorpio gentleman is in top form when it comes to solving tricky problems that others have had their teeth on. Only then can he finally show what he is capable of. His profound nature is also noticeable in his favorite color. How could it be otherwise, this is black.

Job, finance and success in the sign of the scorpion

For the scorpion it is out of the question to do only half things – completely or not at all, that is his motto. Once he is enthusiastic about a project, he does everything he can to bring it to a happy end. This attitude makes him quite successful.

Thanks to the good nose for what is not obvious, a scorpion would make a good detective, for example. He is also spot on as a psychologist.

Financially everything is going well. However, he tends to spend too much money if he really wants to own something. That is why it is important for him to always keep an eye on all costs.

What does the scorpion need to be happy?

Scorpions are pretty profound people and like to paint black. They even look when others prefer to close their eyes. The badness of the world and one’s own inadequacy can quickly spoil these people’s mood.

It would make them happier to simply look at the beautiful and not always just the abyss. After all, there is light wherever there is shadow. The scorpion should do something good more often and consciously enjoy the pleasant side of life. Then happiness comes almost automatically, and with an intensity that scorpions love.

Are Scorpio-Born Friends For Life?

If a scorpion has made a friendship, it will stick to it for a long period of time, probably all of its life. Before that, however, the person is put through its paces, because the scorpion does not simply give its trust here. If someone has shown himself to be loyal and seriously interested in friendship over the years, the scorpion will stick to him unconditionally, and of course expect exactly the same thing in return.

Small confrontations should be planned in, because whitewashing is not for the scorpion. He prefers to call things by name. It can hurt. But you can be sure that he is always honest. Intensive discussions are exactly his case and he appreciates friends who like to get involved like him.

Can the scorpion keep a secret?

No other zodiac sign holds secrets as well as a scorpion. He is silent like a grave and will never behave indiscreetly. He may be eloquent, but he prefers to talk about the innocent. What you entrust to him is kept by the scorpion.

After all, he wouldn’t want people to gossip about him. So he doesn’t do that to others. But since he knows that not everyone thinks that way, he prefers to keep his secrets to himself and doesn’t let anyone in on.

Quirks and quirks … everyone has them … even the scorpion

This guy is really not for the faint of heart, because the scorpion loves to search for the meaning of life every day and to shake the foundations of its existence. He wants to rub, discuss, touch hot iron and always fight for his conviction. If you want to lean back and relax, you should rather go for a walk.

The scorpion mercilessly analyzes its counterpart, and not everyone finds this very pleasant. It gets difficult when the scorpion is in a bad mood. Then he does not leave good hair on others and it is better to avoid him.