Those born between April 21 and May 20 are born in the zodiac sign of the wild Taurus. What does this mean and what does the zodiac sign Taurus say about someones’ personality? Which character traits are typical for Taurus-born?

Zodiac sign Taurus: Typical characteristics

The bull (Latin Taurus, astrological symbol ♉) is the second sign of the zodiac. Its planet is Venus and its Element is Earth.

The typical Taurus is receptive, persistent, balanced, thoughtful, level-headed, protective, stable, down-to-earth, patient, relaxed, cozy, frugal, enjoyable, conscientious, generous, thorough, creative, loyal, close to nature, practical, realistic, calm, factual, confident, sensitive, security-oriented, sensual, solid, loyal, warm-hearted, careful, satisfied and reliable.

Weaknesses: comfortable, possessive, headstrong, jealous, narrow-minded, stingy, intolerant, conservative, materialistic, suspicious, jealous, passive, pedantic, stubborn, and sluggish.

How do Taurus-born people behave?

They are connoisseurs

The Taurus is very natural and solid and since it is ruled by Venus, it is also very sensual and especially devoted to all beautiful things in life. As a connoisseur, he has taste. Not only is his tongue fine, his sense of colors and shapes is also particularly strong.

Energetic and yet patient

A Taurus is not afraid to work on its goals. With his nose, he can smell money wherever it is found and makes it his own.

Patience is his strength, as is his ability to keep calm even in delicate situations, which can, however, sometimes lead to stubbornness. He takes his time and wants to find his natural rhythm.

Great willpower

The Taurus is all about quality! Solid, reliable values ​​fascinate the Taurus, because he also has them to offer. It is characterized by strength and a firm will. Nervous and impatient people prefer to flee when they are dealing with him. Venus gives the Taurus an idiosyncratic character and also a great strength for everything creative.

A solid personality

A real Taurus always adheres to what he sees and can understand. For him, dreams are mere foams, what matters is reality.

But that is precisely why the Taurus is a rock in the surf for many people to orientate themselves to. Taurus strive for safety and possession in their lives and like to care for them. What they call their own will not be given back so quickly.

Very close to nature

Many Taurus are very close to nature and need sometimes to escape to rural areas at regular intervals to relax. If they don’t already live in the countryside anyway, the big-city Taurus dreams of a small house or a small garden. A Taurus has a knack for plants that he lovingly cares for.

Adventure or romance – what is the Taurus looking for?

A Taurus in love doesn’t take his time but gets straight to the point. When someone piqued their interest, they sent out clear signals. An attractive, enjoyable partner is his dream. If you are looking for someone to talk to, the Taurus is the wrong choice. The Taurus stands up for his sweetheart and his family, is loyal and hard-working, loves good food, and even more good sex.

He prefers to avoid arguments. So he quickly puts nervous and dissatisfied characters outside. He attaches great importance to a cozy home and a sexy companion who can have a little more on his ribs. After all, the sensual Taurus needs something to touch.

These characteristics are typical of a Taurus woman

Taurus women understand almost like no one else how to enjoy life. Of course, culinary treats are part of it. That is why many passionate cooks among them do not shy away from high-calorie cake recipes. You will hardly find lean models among Taurus women, they just love to eat. And that suits them well because the goddess of beauty Venus rules this sign and gives the Taurus women a great charisma and a lot of sensuality.

Love and sexuality are very popular with Taurus women. You get involved with your partner with your whole body and enjoy the intimate togetherness like hardly any other sign. However, they can only do that if they know exactly what they are doing with their loved ones. Unexplained situations or open issues quickly upset you. These habit-loving ladies don’t appreciate changes either. They prefer to always know exactly what to expect.

The Taurus lady likes to give up her job in favor of her family. Emanzen finds it rather daunting. She can also find fulfillment as a housewife and mother. The classic role pattern is entirely to her taste: she spoils her loved ones at home and her husband earns the money. And ideally not too little, because Taurus women are a little materialistic and appreciate a big bank account, an expensive car, and a luxurious home.

These characteristics are typical of the Taurus man

Taurus men are cozy contemporaries. They know how to take life from the pleasant side and are rarely in a hurry. Angry tongues therefore sometimes claim that the Taurus is a little slow and clumsy. He just doesn’t want to rush anything. If he can work at his own pace, he will be in top form.

He does not miss any detail, because its thoroughness is legendary. But also his stubbornness. The Taurus is quite stubborn and reluctant to give in. This requires a certain degree of tolerance and diplomacy in dealing with him. But it’s worth it. Because if he feels understood and respected, he is ready to give everything for his loved ones.

He carries his partner on hands and pampers her with numerous pats. It is as soulful and romantic as few other zodiac signs. No wonder, since he is ruled by the goddess of love Venus. He wants to make his queen of hearts happy and fulfill her every wish. This can also be a little more expensive.

Material wealth is very important to the Taurus. And to achieve that, he is ready to do a great deal. His loved ones will surely appreciate that. In return, however, he expects a harmonious family life in return. The traditional understanding of roles is still in male genes. A little belly of prosperity also testifies to the fulfillment of all your dreams.

Job, finance, and success in the sign of the Taurus

As a born gourmet, the Taurus is predestined for all professions related to the topic of eating and enjoying: Gastronomy, hotel manager or nutritionist. Since he has a great sense of nature and is more down-to-earth than other zodiac signs, he is also enthusiastic about gardening or floristic activities.

The Taurus has an excellent budget with his money and he appreciates what he has very much. He is rarely short of cash and in between can treat himself to something small out of the row. In addition, the Taurus strives to achieve a certain level of prosperity throughout its life.

What does the Taurus need to be happy?

The Taurus knows very well that it is often the little things that make a person happy. This can be a daisy on the side of the path, a piece of cake, or a kiss. Taurus has a strong sense of values. This gives them the reputation of being material.

Basically, they just want to hold onto all the beautiful things that they accumulate in the course of their lives and enjoy them every day anew. They really appreciate what they have. This includes intangibles as well as friendships, for example. Everything taken together makes the Taurus a life-affirming person.

Can the Taurus keep a secret?

If the Taurus is specifically asked to keep a secret, then he will keep it. He is a down-to-earth guy and appreciates his peace of mind because he doesn’t want to be involved in chasing people or whispering about someone anyway. The Taurus does not like being pilloried and pointed at with others. If something is not intended for the public, it will have a reason.

He rarely shares secrets with others. Either he speaks openly about what concerns him or he keeps it to himself. He prefers to have no secrets entrusted to him because he doesn’t want to hear what isn’t meant for his ears.

Quirks and quirks … everyone has them … including the Taurus

Just imagine his animal counterparts chewing quietly on the pasture. Nothing and nobody can upset them. The Taurus is no different since it has its own rhythm that it does not want to change. His environment has to adapt to him because he is stubborn. Seducing him to experiment is actually impossible

He is only interested in the news if it has practical benefits. Love money is also its secret or very obvious weakness. If he can buy something cheaper or even get it for free, then the Taurus is usually in the front. He also likes people who can offer him something financially. The Taurus is a bit materialistic but kind-hearted.