Anyone born between August 24 and September 23 is born in the Virgo zodiac sign. What does this mean and what does the zodiac sign Virgo say about personality? Which characteristics are typical for virgin-born?

Typical characteristics of the Virgo zodiac sign

The Virgo (Latin Virgo, astrological symbol ♍) is the sixth sign of the zodiac. Its planet is Mercury and its element is Earth.

The typical virgin is analytical, hardworking, careful, humble, honest, exact, hardworking, flexible, caring, skillful, thorough, intelligent, smart, eager to learn, logical, methodical, objective, orderly, conscientious, practical, rational, realistic, relevant, carefully, economically, structured, deliberate, reasonable, versatile, determined, reserved and reliable.

Weaknesses: anxious, hypochondriacal, intolerant, petty, critical, cool, suspicious, nagging, pedantic, perfectionist, bossy, dissatisfied and uptight.

How do virgin births behave?
The analytical view of every detail

Mercury, the planet of mind and thought, rules the demanding virgin. Therefore, she likes to think about God and the world and is a critical observer of her environment. How much sympathy could she reap if she were a little more merciful with her less perfect counterparts.

But no detail escapes her and she will always be on the track of mistakes. Incidentally, this does not only apply to others, the virgin also observes himself with an analytical eye.

Dutiful and with a sharp mind

Success and performance fascinate her and she is ready to put a lot of effort on the way up, but not at any price. With an eye for the essentials, a lot of reason and a sharp tongue, the virgin sets out on her path of life.

She wants to make her affairs safe and manageable. For her, risk is a foreign word, she prefers to rely on her workforce, her sense of duty and her alert mind.

Eager to learn

Most virgins are very intelligent and always try to train their minds. A virgin does not want to stay with old knowledge, but always wants to learn something. Many a class leader was born under the sign of the virgin, and of course many teachers. The excellent memory allows the virgin to accumulate an unusual amount of knowledge.

Counselor, often behind the scenes

Ultimately, the virgin is a functional man, which Mercury’s influence ensures. It doesn’t push her to power herself, she prefers to be the stripper in the background, who gives wise advice and ultimately maintains everything. You will be reluctant to do without the Virgin’s advice, since she is a specialist in various fields.

Exact and reliable

The typical virgin loves everything clear, symmetrical, exact and can be found for every reasonable compromise. It is rarely unpunctual, adheres to agreements and never actually publishes anything. The Jungfrau is well organized and is sure to develop a functional order system. When she gets recognition, it motivates her to perform even better.

Adventure or romance – what is the virgin looking for?

Hardly a zodiac sign is as demanding in love as the virgin. Your dream partner must have a lot to offer. Someone with level and education has the best chances, because it is more important for the virgin to be able to talk to a partner about everything than to fall into ecstasy. Of course, eroticism is also an issue for the cool virgin. However, only a cultured, elegant person can occasionally deprive them of their universally active minds.

Once the virgin has tied herself, she is loyal, reliable and a true organizational talent. She knows what she wants and will always support her loved ones. She copes well with everyday life. Nevertheless, she has to be careful not to settle for routine too quickly. That could endanger their relationship.

These characteristics are typical of the virgin woman

The virgin lady has mastered the elegant restraint perfectly. If someone misses the right measure, he reaps a reproachful shake of his head. She likes it when you find the right balance – in every area of ​​life. However, she could still show a little more feeling herself. Some might mistakenly consider the virgin hypothermic. But that is deceptive.

With her the saying “Still waters are deep” hits the mark. You just have to understand to look behind their cool facade. And it doesn’t allow everyone. The virgin lady is careful because she is afraid that she could be disappointed. But once you’ve managed to win her trust, she surprises with limitless dedication and a lot of passion.

The virgin has her life under control. She is a born realist and has an incredible organizational talent. Family, job, hobby, friends – she gets everything under one roof and even finds time to relax. Some people often wonder how she always manages everything.

However, unforeseen events can upset the otherwise so controlled lady. She doesn’t like it when her thoughtful plans are thrown away. A strong shoulder to lean on makes the whole thing more bearable. Even more if he fulfills his virgin partner’s need for security.

These characteristics are typical of the virgin man

Male virgins rarely show off. Instead, they remain humble in the background, watching closely what is going on around them. And that means they see more than many others. This brings advantages in terms of career, but also helps in choosing the right partner. Therefore, check who binds themselves forever is their motto.

Short affairs are of little interest to male virgins. They prefer to have the wedding bells ring when the time comes. Because virgins are pretty down-to-earth and want to do nails with heads. Only when you know exactly what your sweetness is like are you ready to open yourself up to it.

But once you’ve conquered this shy man’s heart, you’ve got it forever. Because he is absolutely loyal and reliable. Racy Evas quickly find this pretty unsexy. The cautious Jungfrau-Herren is not born with a thirst for adventure. He likes to know what to expect, because he prefers to plan everything in advance.

He benefits from his practical nature. This also helps him to ensure that his account is always far in the plus. He is a true financial genius and cleverly negotiates prices. This can save money. And that makes him happy, because the virgin man loves to accumulate small riches. Bad tongues even claim that he is stingy. But he does not let his envy spoil his mood.

Job, finance and success in the sign of the virgin

Any boss would be happy to employ a virgin. Because a virgin is particularly dutiful. Since Mercury rules under her sign, she is also very adaptable and flexible – advantages with which she can climb up the career ladder.

Professions in the service sector are very suitable for the virgin because she is extremely helpful and finds fulfillment in doing something good for others. Personal success is thus pushed into the background.

Modesty is also evident in the finances: even if a virgin has put a lot of money on the high edge, she does not touch it.

What does the virgin need to be happy?

Giving is happier than taking, many virgins think. However, they are not quite right with this, especially if they neglect themselves because of their willingness to help. They have to learn that they can only be there for others if they are doing well.

The virgin is humble, but should not forget her own needs while looking for happiness, big or small. To draw from the full once and to feel good at the same time, simply to feel that like everyone has a right to be happy – that moves the virgin forward.

Are virgin-born friends for life?

Friendship with a virgin usually lasts a lifetime. Virgins don’t give up so quickly just because things don’t go so well for a short time. They do not believe in violent arguments, but speak cautiously if something disturbs them. This means they do not smash any porcelain that can no longer be cemented. You can always rely on a virgin 100 percent, and in return she expects that from her friends.

She doesn’t like unpunctuality, because it gets her perfectly organized schedule out of step. A virgin likes to be manageable and doesn’t like spontaneous actions. She prefers to schedule her appointments a few days in advance. And then these should not be thrown over again. If you respect that, you have won the big prize with her as a friend.

Can the virgin keep a secret?

The perfectionist virgin shouldn’t be entrusted with his secrets. If it is something professional, she will immediately report criticism and insist on the correct procedure. It is not much better for private matters, because the virgin wants to create order everywhere and feels that she has to educate the ignorant.

Even if she does not pour pure wine into the girlfriend’s betrayed husband, she will always draw her friend’s attention to the shortcomings in their relationship until it surrenders. As a rule, the virgin keeps her own secrets to herself, because after all they are nobody’s business.

Quirks and quirks … everyone has them … even the virgin

Well cared for, always perfect and without flaws, this is how the typical virgin appears. Also educated and interested in culture. But she is very critical and observes the others carefully. If something does not suit the virgin, you can see it very quickly by her punitive look.

She wants to improve everything, make it clean and tidy. Details are her great weakness, especially those that others hardly notice. So she often puts herself under pressure because she wants to do and organize everything optimally, and sometimes forgets the essentials.