You want to stargaze a little bit with your family, girlfriend, boyfriend or just simply alone but you don’t really know where to go. Read this guide and get to know the best places in Ireland for stargazing – You won’t regret, pinky promise!

Best places to view the night sky in Ireland
Best places to view the night sky in Ireland

Best dark-sky sites in Ireland

1. Kerry Dark-Sky Reserve

Number one on this list is the famous Kerry Dark-Sky Reserve. So why is this one so special? The Kerry Dark-Skye Reserve is only one of three Gold Tier Reserves on the planet, and the only one which is in the northern hemisphere. This means that light pollution is so low that you can see many stars and astronomical figures with your naked eye and that you don’t need any equipment, sounds cool, doesn’t it? Official Homepage:

2. Mayo Dark-Sky Park

The Ballycroy National Park and Wild Nephin Wilderness have been jointly awarded by the International Dark-Sky Association as the first, Gold-tier International Dark Sky Park in Ireland, known as Mayo International Dark Sky Park. Rugged and unspoiled landscapes lead to less light pollution and you can get an exceptional view on many stars and figures. Official Homepage:

3. Lough Gur, Limerick

Even though are supposedly settlers since 4000 BC around Lough Gur, there is literally nothing around it. The perfect place for little light pollution and to view some stars. Official Homepage:

4. Antrim Coast

Since 1988, known as an “Area of Oustanding Natural Beauty”, the Antrim Coast is a popular spot for tourists. But this area in the north of Ireland in the County Antrim is also one of the best spots for stargazing.

5. Connemara

This area in the vast east of Ireland in the County Galway is one of the best spots for stargazing in Ireland. First there’s little light polution there and you can get a good view into the night sky. And second you can hike upon of the many mountains like Diamond Hill or the Twelve Bens and get one of the best views. And if you are already there, you can try feeding some Connemara-Ponies or drink some Connemara-Whiskey, for which this region is famous for.

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