Meet our guides, meet astronomers and find the best viewpoints in London

London is perhaps one of the most polluted places in the world, but don’t be fooled by the fact that you don’t like to watch stars in the city.

There are many astronomical societies in the capital that ignore the city’s strong light and prove that you can see planets, clusters and galaxies in District 1 and beyond.

Go to the outskirts of the city to find small astronomical gatherings where beginners learn how to set up telescopes and discover stars, or observe the night sky in a small observatory.

Stay in central London where you can join astronomers to explore the night sky or taste wine that grows in conjunction with the lunar cycle, then observe it through the Dobson telescope. Or why not stare into the darkest part of the city? To infinity and beyond!

Stargazing with the Crawford Manor House Astronomical Society

Rookies and rookies? Don’t worry. In collaboration with the local astronomical group Crayford Manor House Astronomical Society, the association regularly organises activities to introduce amateur sky researchers to the world of star observation.

The group offers common sense and gives informal lectures on constellations at various events held throughout the year in different locations in London, including public viewing activities. When the clouds are dense, the sky can be scanned in a number of ways. Treat yourself to guest lectures and seminars.

Peter Harrison Planetarium

The Peter Harrison Planetarium is overwhelmed by a 360-degree tour of the night sky. A state-of-the-art digital laser projector illuminates the sky in the roof like astronomy Imax.

All you have to do is sit down and rest, and astronomers will show you which stars are taking a breath as they rotate above your head. Look at the constellations, planets and satellites, and then fly to the edge of the visible universe. If you make a selfie over the meridian, we will forgive you.

Blackheath Observing

Star men and girls can get a kick in the sky on Blackheath Common, and the Flamsteed Astronomical Society collects telescopes here every month for a serious look.

As long as the night remains clear and transparent, they will prove that they can overcome light pollution by pointing at Mars, and then focus on the shining constellation of Orion and the very special Orion Nebula in the Milky Way. We believe Bowie will agree.

Kenley Observatory

It may not be as famous (or as old) as its Greenwich counterpart, but this small observatory in South London is still a starspot where you can watch the stars via belts and dippers.

Every Saturday (when the weather is fine) the site is open to the public, so Londoners can meander around the domes and 14-inch telescope while taking a look at the astral hullabaloo.

The observatory is kept cold and dark to make it easier to spot sparklers, so pack warm and bring a torch.

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