Star Naming Service South Africa

Name a star for someone special. Buy a star a s a gift.

Buy a star as a gift

Buy a star with us and choose between fourteen different star certificates! Your custom gift package includes two star certificates,  a star map and entry into the star registry.

Easy ordering

Our ordering system is very easy to use and lets you buy and name a star in no time. With just a few clicks you will be able to register your own star and name it after someone you love.

Your star map

Finding your star with our star map is very easy. The map shows you the exact location and all the constellations around your star. Free extras to find your star: Our planetarium software and app.

The star registry

Name a star with us and we will register your star into the international star registry. This stellar database holds all information about stars which were named with  us worldwide.

Star certificate

Your star certificate will be printed in high quality on premium heavyweight glossy paper and the colors will leave you in awe. All certificates withstand fading and discoloration for over 100 years.

Money-back guarantee

If for any reason you are not satisfied with the quality or the selection of your star, we will refund you your money back. You can buy stars 100% risk free with our star naming service.

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One of these stars can be yours!

The mobile star gazing app

On your mobile phone or tablet

We know that finding your own star can be sometimes a little bit difficult, especially when you are an astronomy layman. But do not worry! With our mobile star gazing app you will be able to find your named star in no time.

Developed for the mobile phone

Programmers often just copy-and-paste computer code and create with some adjustments apps which often don’t work and are a hassle. Our mobile app was specifically developed for mobile phones and will enrich your star gazing experience.

High satisfaction rates

Customers happily tell us, that finding their star was very easy and that they are overall very satisfied with the service which is provided by Read our ratings!

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Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

Customer March, 2019

Very fast service

Sue February, 2020

Bought one last year for a friend who has everything and he loved it

Greg July, 2019

Came with everything. Going to be a great gift. Thanks

Annette Palmer July, 2019

Unusual, fun gift

Shannon December, 2019

Christmas gift for a friend, she was very happy

Laura Gordon June, 2019

via Product Page
Easy to use website. I would definitely use this site again

Michelle May, 2019

Great and efficient service

Mike March, 2020

Great value for money Good quality products and you get what you see

Anthony March, 2019

Good product, provides lots of information, beautiful certificates

MH January, 2020

It went directly to my friend so I didn't see it but I believe she was delighted